La mulți ani de Ziua Taților! (Happy Father's Day, with something extra)

Dear fellow practitioners of Romanian, here is a charming and heart-warming video in fairly simple and clear Romanian, perfect for intermediate learners and above (but even if you are a beginner I bet you will understand some of this). A father and a boy are talking. Incidentally, the man is the well-known Romanian poet Robert Șerban and the boy is his son Tudor. It is based on a part of his popular book "Tata, eu glumesc seriois!" BTW, it helps to listen to children speak when learning a language, there is something uniquely clear and memorable about a child's voice. Enjoy this, and I bet it will make you smile!

P.S. You can say both "Ziua Taților" and "Ziua Tatălui" for Father's Day.

June 17, 2018


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