"Books of pupils"

Translation:Vitabu vya wanafunzi

June 17, 2018



In English "books of pupils" would be different from "pupils' books". The possessive "pupils' books" means that the books belong to the pupils, but "books of pupils" is more like "books about pupils", like a school yearbook or a record of the pupils that attended the school. Does the Swahili sentence "vitabu vya wanafunzi" translate to both meanings?

June 17, 2018


I think it was more of too direct a translation problem, because yes, no one says 'books of pupils' when they're talking about books belonging to pupils. In Swahili using '-a' is for possession. To say 'books about pupils' I think would be 'vitabu vinavyohusu wanafunzi' or 'vitabu kuhusu wanafunzi', '-husu' meaning 'pertain to'

June 18, 2018
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