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"Nosotros queremos algo con azúcar."

Translation:We want something with sugar.

June 17, 2018



Tengo sed = I am thirsty, Tengo hambre = I'm hungry, Tengo ocho años = I'm eight years old. Quiero something with sugar = I want something SWEET.


That's what I wondered - if "con azúcar" is used for "Sweet" (in the sense of taste), or if there is another way to convey the meaning of the English phrase "I want something sweet".


The adjective "sweet" is usually translated as dulce.

  • I want something sweet. - Quiero algo dulce.


No matter how many times I listen to the female say algo, it sounds like figo. Bloody awful.


Yes, the woman has an accent that is not consistent with standard Spanish pronunciation. I heard "igo" after 6 listens. The man also has an accent--he says "luss," not las. I am holding off on investing in Duolingo Plus in part because of these issues.


If the most important factor is the presence of sugar, some questions may need to be asked about your dietary choices.


Said every four year old ever


And could it be "some" with sugar? As opposed to some without. Does algo only mean some when it's used as an adjective?


¡Azúcar! Azúcar! Cualquier cosa con azúcar!


What is wrong with: "We want some with sugar." When you place the curser on algo you get something, some and any.


Use the word at the top of the list. In most cases the words in the list are not there to select from, but most often show how the word can be used in alternate contexts, where only the top word corresponds to the current usage. In rare cases, any of the shown words can be used. Very rare.


The "some" translation is usually only used if algo is used together with a noun. On its own it means "something".


Duo is Very picky now with spelling. I wrote "Nosotros quiermos algo con azúcar". Marked wrong, I spelled it almost what it should have been.


When one checks the translations of the word "algo" by placing the curser on the word "anything" is indicated as well as "something" but when I used it it was denied. Any reason why or is this a DL error?

  • 2091

Something and anything are often used interchangeably in English, but in Spanish algo is the word used to express a need or desire, whereas cualquier cosa ("any thing") expresses a lack of preference.


Is anyone else hearing only half of the sentence on audio?


I'm hearing the speaker say something other than "algo."


I thought it was 'aigo' or 'aygo'.


Last time I answered "nosotros queremos", It was marked wrong. "Queremos" was correct. Why the flip flop??


If you are certain your answers in Spanish are correct, you should report them. You will receive a thank you in email for doing that if you are the first person to report something that should be changed. I have done this many times and have a large number of thanks yous. I have also reported a number of things which I later relalized I was off base about. That's okay, as Duolingo ignores reports like that.


No particular reason for that. Duolingo's programming is just a bit weird and sometimes allows only one possible answer.


I listened to this slow numerous times, and alao had mi esposa listen numerous times. The letter a is not pronounced like a long I in Spanish or English. Besides, the instruction says "Type the Spanish you hear.", not "Type what the lady said". I heard "eigo" not algo.


When they ask you to type the Spanish you hear, that is not meant absolutely literally. You also have to write correctly, with Spanish words. 'Eigo' isn't a Spanish word.


Will any English speaking person say "We want something with sugar"? Why was "We want something sweet" not accepted?


Arild, I would say "something with sugar", especially if it's about diet vs. full-sugar soft drinks.

"Something sweet" would be "algo dulce".


Why is it sometimes wr can queremos and sometimes it has to have nosotros beforehand?


Clara, you can leave out nosotros (or any subject pronouns) practically everywhere. But if you have a listening task, you need to include all the words that are spoken.


I dont think ive ever said or heard i want something with sugar. But, i have said and heard "i want something sweet".


Is 'algo' masculine or neuter?


'Algo' is unchangeable. It doesn't have a femenine or a plural form.


He said cremos not queremos


I heard aigo everytime

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