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Mixing tenses in practice

I finished the old tree in Spanish last summer and recently have been working towards completing the new tree. Is there a way with the new tree to have practice sessions that mix tenses in the questions rather than focusing on just the 'past tense' or 'future tense' lessons?

June 17, 2018



No, but you can use other websites like conjuguemos.com to practice.


There's plenty of tense mixing in the higher level questions.

I notice you haven't taken a single lesson higher than level 3, this is probably why you're not seeing any.

You need to access the higher levels 4 and 5 for the more difficult questions.


Something to look forward to. Thank you.


I've noticed that some of the new purple skills have a little bit of tense mixing. There's not a huge amount but more than before.

Also, if you do the reverse tree, there's just a pasado 1 and pasado 2 skill. So, the preterit and imperfect are mixed.

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