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"Voy a comprar dos carros el próximo año."

Translation:I am going to buy two cars next year.

June 18, 2018



Duo seems to have shifted more towards Latin American Spanish with carro and boleto and the v sounding like an English v rather than the soft b I've always heard and learned.


It's just mispronunciation, no native speaker pronounces the 'v' like an English 'v', unless they speak another language where 'v' makes that sound or they've been misinstructed to do so.


The Spanish and Latin-American 'v's definitely sound different.


Difference between “el año que viene” and “el próximo año”?


Why do you need the "a" ?


One way to talk about the future is to use “voy a” plus an infinitive verb when you want to say, “I am going to......”. The “a” goes with the “voy” rather than with the infinitive. Of course you can also say, “vas a” ,” vamos a” , or “van a”.


I was under the impression ir a + infinitive was used for the immediate/near future? If this is so, why use it in this sentence while the action is going to be next year?!? Can "near" be that relative? =)


I was under the impression that a=to


I bougth twelve cars in three years.

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