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  5. "Necesitas soñar más."

"Necesitas soñar más."

Translation:You need to dream more.

June 18, 2018



Does this refer to goals/visions for what life can be WHILE AWAKE, or to those peculiar experiences we have while sleeping?


I said "Necesitas sonyar más" and it was accepted. How do I report "my answer should NOT have been accepted"?

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On keyboards that don't have the ñ character, typing ny is acceptable, and much preferred over just n. Cuz compare sonyar/sonar, canyón/canon and anyo/ano!


On a Mac, it's Option+n (to get the tilde) and then n or N to place the letter.

Option+e gives you the accent mark and then the next letter you type goes under that accent.

On my phone (which I don't use for DL, but do use to communicate with workers who don't read English), I have to load a Spanish virtual keyboard to get the appropriate diacritical marks. Once you know how, this only takes a second.


And on Android devices, if you hold your finger on the letter for a second or two, it pops up a selection box of alternate characters, which includes accented versions of the letter in question, and other related special characters for other languages (e.g. "a" includes â ä æ etc.).


Thank you, Marcus. I learned about holding down the key only after i posted the above. I now text friends in Spanish and my grandson in French, all on an ancient Android phone.


I have an old iPhone 5S with the same options--simply hold the letter and alternate characters pop up.


Alt 0241 = ñ download the ascii letters for Spanish.


Alternatively, you can enable an "international'' version of the English keyboard, which lets you easily add accents and other marks with the right alt key. In Windows 10 it's Settings, Time & Language, Language, and then click "English" (assuming that's what you have), then Options, Add a keyboard, United States-International. You cycle through the normal keyboard with Win+Space or Left Alt+Shift. You add an accent either by typing an apostrophe and then the letter (hit space to add a normal apostrophe, or type a non-accented letter next) or holding R-alt with a key. Some characters are hidden under others nearby without accents (for example ä is R-alt+q). You can get ¿¡ the same way.


¿Quién hable esto?

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Mayormente psiquiatras


LOL. What does soñar más mean in Spanish? Does it mean "to dream bigger" (i.e., aim higher) or "to dream longer" (i.e., devote more time to daydreams)?


"soñor sounds like "señor. I had to click it five times to hear a clear pronunciation. ¿Necesitas señor más? Do you need more sir?


Except if you address him as "Señor", then you have to use the formal, 2nd person or necesita. And it would be "el Señor" if you were speaking to a third party; or if you were speaking to the man in question you wouldn't put Señor in between the verb and the adverb. Eventually we will learn to hear these distinctions and we won't have to listen five times.


Another crappy pronunciation for Duo.... it sounds like she's saying suñar.


seems that sonar means to ring and to dream - so my answer using ring should have been accepted?


You can tell the course writer that by checking "My response should have been accepted" at the menu at the prompt itself.


Why is "You all need to dream more" not accepted ??

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Because (from necesitas) is not "you all"


brain cramp! "necesitan soñar más" would be "you all", although probably not the best English (now that I am more awake)


A more elegant way to indicate a plural "you" is to say "all of you." However, I think your comment is irrelevant, given that the sentence uses "necesitas," which is singular second person familiar and not "necesitan," which is formal second person plural.


You Yankees! "All of you" is not more elegant than "ya'll" to my ears. j/k


Guillermo8330, Also, Dúo usually accepts "y'all," but not "all of you." If he doesn't, I report it.

It's a fine colloquial contraction for "you all," and those words are elegant enough to be used in very fancy speeches.

God bless you all.

May you all live an amazing life.

You all may enjoy a carriage ride on a warm Spring day at cherry-blossom time.

(BUT! The apostrophe goes after the "y"; trust me on this, y'all!

It's because the apostrophe takes the place of the "ou," when we shorten the word "you.") Southerners started it, but we've spread it all over the country. It just makes a lot of sense to have a plural form of "you." ;^)


I'm a playwright, skeptical. When it comes to dialects, I spell words the way I hear them. I understand the grammatical argument for y'all, but it assumes people are omitting "you" rather than "ya". In my experience, the latter is as common as the former, and hence, "ya'll".

But I do trust you and recognize that you are right if we are talking about words on a page.

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