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"Nosotras ya fuimos a ese restaurante."

Translation:We already went to that restaurant.

June 18, 2018



The slow audio has an error. The fast audio says "fuimos", but the slow audio clearly says "fueron".


You are quiet right and has not been corrected. Same happened to me just now.


It's still not been corrected.


Still not fixed. But did you folks report it or just write here? Writing here doesn't help.


What is wrong with " we went already to that restaurant "?


'Already' has to come either directly before the operative verb and directly after any auxiliary verbs, or at the end of a sentence.

We already went to that restaurant We went to that restaurant already.

We have already been... We have been... already.

We are already going... We are going... already.


Well PaulG0348, normal yes - but not strictly correct from a grammatical perspective. I'm using examples directly lifted from one of the Oxford coursebooks I teach.


Except that there are any number of communities in this country where the phrase "We went already - to that Restaurant" is perfectly normal and correct English. However, in the majority of cases your examples have the ring of credibility. I find myself increasingly frustrated, not to say annoyed, with Duo's seeming bias towards South American Spanish - to the point where what is normal in Spain is marked wrong!


Thank you DiskPidge for your thoughts. It was not my intention to challenge your comment but to add some inclusiveness and currency to text-book reference. After all, good dictionaries and text books keep up to date with current language usage. It is many years since I retired as a Lecturer but I am only too aware of the development of language, particularly through the monitoring of language used by younger generations. If this were not the case then we would still be using the language of Chaucer and his contemporaries! p.s. I am fully aware of the inappropriate nature of this discussion in this, Duo, environment! I will shut up now, innit!


Probably nothing but it somehow just doesn't sound right.


Am I the only one who thinks noone would say this in english. We have already been to that restaurant. "Already went" is weird.


American English vs UK English!


Sounds perfectly fine to me.


" We already went to that restaurant" sounds perfectly normal. Another example: someone might say, "I'm going to make dinner" and the response could be "I already made it." You could also say, "I've already made it" and both would be correct.


I agree with you, with already you have to use the present perfect, according to Murphy English Grammar in use


Error in slow audio still not fixed July 28, 2018. It says fueron instead of fuimos.


Why nosotras and not nosotros


When to use " nosotros " when to use " nosotras " ? I confuse a lot with this. I used " nosotros " & it was marked wrong. Please explain


Use "nosotros" when it is an all male or mixed group.
Use "nosotras" when it is an all female group.
In some exercises it is clear from a feminine form adjective that "nosotras" is needed. Otherwise, and without context, either should be correct.
If your answer is marked wrong, and you're sure you don't have other errors in your sentence, you should report it by clicking the report icon on the exercise page.


The problem here is that a MAN says "nosotras". Illogical.


Fascinating article. Thanks!


The normal and slow speeds do not appear to use the same word. The slow speed clearly says fueron.


Can someone tell me how you know it is not "We were already at that restaurant" please?


I am no expert and so can be corrected - but the "fui" bit tells you it is in the past. "Ya estuvimos en ese restaurant" would be about being there (at the time in question) and translates as "We were already at that restaurant". Any use?


We went to that restaurant already ...not accepted....however the english grammer here is...ww have already been to that restaurant.


I wrote ''FUERON'' becaude YOU said fueron!


Why do you say fueron when you wnnt me to write fuimos?


Present perfect not accepted as correct. 07/10/20


why is it not accepting "were" at the restaurant


It's a fine distinction, but "ir" means to go. In English, we went to the restaurant and we were at the restaurant convey the same meaning -- that we were present in the restaurant. But here they're essentially talking about the actual getting to the restaurant. I feel like I'm not expressing that well, but do you understand what I'm saying?


I see that many others have already also discovered that Duo's fast and slow statements differ! What is going on at Duo these days?!!


I agree it says fueron


The audid still has not been corrected 1/10/2018 - reported.


Please fix this problem


Missspelled "restaurant" and the whole thing is wrong???....petty....


The slow audio has an error. The fast audio says "fuimos", but the slow audio clearly says "fueron". It's still not been corrected. 23/10/2018


"We already left that restaurant" not accepted.


Maybe because that's an entirely wrong translation!


Why was a perfectly legitimate translation shown as incorrect when it was actually more grammatically correct than the given answer?


There's some antipathy for the past tense vs. the remote: 'We have already been....' should be accepted


We went already to that restaurant: is also good Duo


Why are we forced to buy these stupid hearts to continue the lesson? I'm not interested in playing games. I just want to learn spanish!


Still wrong (and reported), one month later. Come on Duolingo, do your job!

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