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"I am learning English at the university."

Translation:Yo aprendo inglés en la universidad.

June 18, 2018



Why isn't it "Yo estoy aprendiendo"


In Spanish, that tense is only used for something that is happening right now--like, if you are in class. In English, we would use the present progressive for more things. For example, I would say "I am learning English" If I am enrolled in the class this semester, even if I am not currently in class.


Why cant the yo be omitted ? It appears estoy would suffice?


It can be left out. Please report it if you were marked wrong for leaving out the 'yo'.


Yep. I thought that too. 'Yo estoy' or simply 'Estoy' was how I would say it. 'yo aprendo' doesn't sound correct.


Estoy is used when there is an adjective after 'am' not a verb..,like estoy feliz = i am happy, here happy is an adjective...i am learning... learning is a verb....moreover estoy is used when "am" is the principal verb...when "am" is being used as an auxiliary or a helping verb..estoy cannot be used....


Exactly. Duo never likes "iendo."


I am confused about when "en" means "in" and when "en" means "at".


There are tricky things in foreign languages that have no direct correlation to our own, making hard to understand and grasp unfamiliar concepts. My suggestion for Duolingo, translate it in your head to see if it pertains to the lesson. In real life, often times words that have multiple meanings requires contextual information and body language


"estoy aprendiendo" is the progressive tense and should not be marked incorrect


Aprendido is the past participle of aprender so no, it should not be accepted... Aprendiendo, however should be, but for some reason duo likes to use present progressive in english and just present in Spanish... Go figure


That's so that English speakers learn how Spanish speakers would express things we would put in present progressive.


Correct Jon... and vice versa (Spanish speakers learning how English is used). The point here is that the two languages utilize the Present Progressive in different ways. So having the Spanish in the Simple Present and the English in the Present Progressive is correct.


Hi, please use the button to report oversights and omissions. The course creators don't read every comment to every sentence discussion, but they do get the reports. Thanks!


Surely Estoy meaning I am must b correct! Duolingo has taught us Estoy means I AM ????

[deactivated user]

    That was my thought too. If it comes up again I will use it and see if it gets accepted.


    Would "Aprendo ingles..." be correct, since "aprendo" is the "I learn" form?


    Yes. You don't need the pronoun.


    What is wrong with saying Aprendo inglés a la universidad?


    It's in the 'a'. Somewhat translates 'I learn English to the University.' doesn't make gramatical sense...


    aprendo without YO is correct


    Can someone please explain why "en" instead of "a".


    "A" generally tends to mean "to" in Spanish. "En" can mean "in" or "at" depending on the usage, which can be confusing.


    I think we don't need 'estoy' because 'aprendo' means 'I learn' and Spanish uses the present tense as the progressive tense in many situations so in this case it means 'I am learning'. Maybe you could also say 'estoy aprender', not totally sure about this.


    Mine is a simple question. When translating English i have seen two different versions Ingles and inglesa. Can someone tell me why this happens please.


    Well, in Duo's sentence 'inglés' is a noun meaning the language English. However, it can also be an adjective so 'inglés' is masculine and 'inglesa' is feminine.
    El es inglés = He is English
    Ella es inglesa = She is English


    I understand that Estoy is for things/feelings that are in the present (Estoy bien) but why can't this sentence start with 'Yo soy'? Surely learning English at the university is a fairly long term commitment so I thought this could warrant 'yo soy aprendo ingles'.


    "Yo soy aprendo inglés en la universidad", not accepted. It feels like there's far more conditioning via beating ones head against a wall than sound logic in learning Spanish. The whole thing is like a heap of tangled string codes.


    The Spanish Present Progessive tense uses the verb 'estar'. Not the verb 'ser'. Also, the second verb must be in its present participle form:
    Estoy aprendiendo = I am learning.

    That said, the context is wrong here for that tense in Spanish. In English we can use the present progressive tense for reoccurring actions like this. This is not true for Spanish which uses it solely for actions that are happening at that very moment. So unless you are actually studying English at the university when you say this. You would not use the present progressive in Spanish.


    would it be correct to say "Soy aprendo ingles"?


    No. Only 'estar' is used in the Present Progressive tense. Please read the other posts.

    [deactivated user]

      Would not accept "Estoy" for "I am". I ran it through Google translate and it was accepted.


      Yo aprendo ingles en la universidad - incorrect. I do not have E with ' on my keyboard. Correct please.


      I though this would have been yo soyI am


      why "estoy aprendo ingles en la universidad"is marked wrong?


      Am the one who is most confused. I have a screenshot containing the same answer but marked wrong. How can I share this?

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