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"The cheese is in the refrigerator."

Translation:El queso está en el refrigerador.

June 18, 2018



What is the difference between 'nevera' and 'refrigerador'?

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The two words refer to the same appliance, but the usage is regional.

Technically nevera comes from nieve, and is thus more analogous to our word icebox, which in the old days simply stored ice.

Whereas the refrigerador like our refrigerator "recools" the inside using magical thermodynamics.

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Está..because of the "location" of the cheese..(I'm sure someone else will explain it better): )


"El queso es en el refrigerador" can't be correct because?


I believe es is a permanent condition.


Even though i put le refrigerador over 8 times , it auto corrects each time to el, and marks my sentence wrong. Something wring with the program.


i still don't understand why esta instead of este


Está is the 3rd person singular form of verb estar. Este is usually the modifier This


I had this thought when doing the exercise. I THINK that 'este' mainly means 'this' and 'that' etc. and as janisjordan began to explain 'esta' is indeed the 3rd person singular. But I am a relative beginner to Spanish and am willing to be corrected by people far more adept at this than I.


Nevera wasn't accepted but it was used in the translation required before this one.

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In order to be sure exactly why it marked you wrong, you would need to either copy and paste or take a screenshot of your full answer so we can see what you wrote.

If it turns out you spelled everything correctly and your grammar was good, it's possible the volunteer course contributors simply forgot to add options with "nevera" to this sentence. Each prompt has its own separate answer database which the volunteer course contributors curate manually. Oversights happen. In that case, simply flag it after it marks you wrong and before you move on and report "My answer should be accepted". If enough people make that same report, they will investigate the matter.


Thanks - didn't know that volunteers contribute to the course - I'm impressed. I did do a report 'my answer should be accepted' and will copy and paste in future.


What is wrong with el queso está dentro la nevera.

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