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A small competition!

Hello everyone, I create this competition for who needs some lingots. The question is: Where do I come from? I will choose the first person that answers correctly my question, will be received 5 lingots.!!! REMEMBER: THE FIRST PERSON. I also choose the second person, and the second person will be received 3 lingots. Hope you enjoy this competition. Deadline:Wednesday, June 20th 2018. The useful information: I come from Asia!

June 18, 2018



You come from Asia!


Well, Nana ... I mean this is just shooting in the dark. It's dumb luck, not a competition. You could have given some clues to let us riddle it out. Anyway. Let me give it a shot.

  1. Your English is good, so it's a country where they speak good English.
  2. You're forming your sentences backwords, which means you're translating literally in your head from your own native language.
  3. Your name is Nana ( I assume)

I was gonna say Siberia, but I feel like "Nana" is a very japanese name so I'll go with JAPAN :)


You come from the hospital (everyone is born in a hospital)


A good answer. But really.. it's wrong!


Do you come from South Korea?

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