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"Particles collide with each other in the accelerator."

Translation:chungwI'Daq ngeQchuq pay'anmey.

June 18, 2018



I am wondering if paw' would work in this sentence (as chungwI'Daq paw' pay'an(mey))?


Probably. We don't teach paw', but it should probably be accepted for those learners who know the word. I've added your sentence(s) as an alternative.


I seem to remember the difference between {paw'} and {ngeQ} is this:

{B ngeQ A} = A collides with B.
When ngeQ is used there is usually one innocent party.

{paw' A B je.} = A and B collide.

So yes, I believe your usage is correct.


can you say, " chungwI' qoDDaq" here to be more specific?


I suppose you could. I've added that in as an accepted translation, but it may take a week or two for the systems to fully update.

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