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'Este' vs 'esto'

Hola :)

Since you are all very helpful I will take the opportunity to ask further questions. When to use este or esto? 'This town has two beaches'. Since 'pueblo' is masculine how come 'esto' was not allowed. 'este pueblo tiene dos playas' was given as the right answer.

Can you help me learn the difference between the two? Gracias

June 18, 2018



"Esto" is a pronoun for unknown gender, it is never an adjective. "Este" is an adjective or a pronoun for masculine nouns:

  • Pronoun: Esto es un pueblo (This is a town) vs Esto es una ciudad (This is a city).

  • Adjectives: Este pueblo es bonito vs Esta ciudad es bonita.

  • Pronouns: Este es un pueblo bonito vs Esta es una ciudad bonita.


Yeah this is a bit of a backwards situation

este - male

esta - female

esto - undetermined

estos - male plural

estas - female plural

estes - does not exist.

Natural languages tend to be a mess (if it was designed then este and esto would be swapped, but they are not).


Thanks! Gracias a todo por tus ayudas! (i know there is something not right with this one)


‘Esto’ is just a general ‘this’ as in “What is this?” “¿Qué es esto?”

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