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Looking for Spanish Course (Club) Buddies!

Hi Guys! I've been on Duolingo for a while, but recently I've been getting a little more serious about it and I really want to finish the course! I have a club called Azucar Moreno and I'm looking for people who would like some support in learning Spanish too!

So if there is anyone out there wondering about having someone to practice with, follow me or join the club (Here's the club code: W37FG8) and we can support/motivate each other! #StrongerTogether

Thanks for reading! Espero aprender contigo pronto! -KjRockstar

June 18, 2018



Hi KJ! I'm new to Duolingo and to learning Spanish. I can only can speak in short sentences so far, using vocab and grammar I've learned here, but I'm also interested in practicing conversation and joining the club! Not sure if I'm too far behind to practice with you, but I'm hoping to get good enough soon. Feel free to let me know if you're interested anyway!


Hi Abjadlvr! I would be happy to practice along with you! I'm pretty much a beginner too. I haven't been on Duolingo for a long time, so I'm pretty much starting over! Feel free to join the club and follow me!


Hi KjRockstar, The club seems to be full. My level is somewhat similar to yours, so I thought this would be a good club to join. Do you have any opening coming up?


Just seeing this now! If you are still interested let me know!

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