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welche oder welchen?

Hi, I don't know if this question is allowed, but; in plural - do you say welche sollen ich benutzen oder welchen sollen ich benutzen? if so why?

June 18, 2018



Whether you use "welche" or "welchen" is depending on the noun which comes after it.

"Welches" Kind (neuter) malt ein Bild?

"Welcher" Tag (masculine) ist heute?

"Welche" Tasse (feminine) magst du?

"Welche" Bücher (plural) liest du?

In these examples the forms of "welche" are used as questions words. You can also have a preposition in front of them.

An welchem Tag kommst du?

Für welches Kind schreibst du einen Brief?

Mit welcher Frau sprichst du?


I have just seen you have asked kind of a different question.

Just imagine a situation. You are standing in front of a cupboard and you want to ask which cup you should take: "Welche soll ich nehmen?" You asking for one particular cup. Or you ask for several cup because your host wanted you to take out more than one. Cup is "Tasse" (which is feminine in German)

If you ask for a plate you would say: "Welchen soll ich nehmen?" "Teller" is masculine in German. Would you ask for several plates you would say: "Welche soll ich nehmen?"


Hi, thanks! I was wondering because I got confused 'cause I thought I saw a sentence that I thought was referring to plural, but then I realized it wasn't.


Plural of welche in accusative is always welche.
The form of sollen depends on the person(s) asking..

Welche soll ich benutzen.
Welche sollst du benutzen.
Welche soll er/sie/es/man benutzen.
Welche sollen wir benutzen.
Welche sollt ihr benutzen.
Welche sollen sie benutzen..


Plural of welche is always welche.

I wonder about that... I constructed these (but I'm not sure how "German" they are.):

Unter welchen liegen wir? Trotz welcher studieren wir?


Maybe because "unter" often stands in dativ? Plural in dative is den ...


yes, thanks,... but Alpengluehen said the plural is always welche... i'm saying I think it can be welchem or welcher in dative or genitive.

: )


You are right. As you see in my examples I was relating to the given question with sollen and plural, which uses accusative. I've added that. Your later examples are not plural.


Yes, I'm sure you are correct; i understood what you did, i just wondered whether it would be possible to end a "plural welche" with something other than e
I tried to write a dative version of: "under which ones do we lie?" which i thought might be:
Unter welchen liegen wir?
Then i went for a genitive, " In spite of which ones do we study?" Which i thought might be:

Trotz welcher studieren wir? i think they are plural... (gramatically, even if they artificial and not quite German)
But I'm happy to be corrected.


Hi npLam, imagine you are lying outside watching the stars and you can ask somebody: "Unter welchen Sternen liegen wir?"

"Unter welchem Dach lebt der Spatz?"

I wouldn't use "trotz welcher / welches" because I don't like it but you could say: "Wegen welcher Arbeit kommst du nach hause?"

"Wegen welchen Arbeiten kommst du heim?"


Hi Birgit,
Thanks for these. So... if we were talking, and we both understood that we were talking about stars, could I say:
"Unter welchen liegen wir?" or would it be necessary to include the stars?
Thanks also for: "Unter welchem Dach lebt der Spatz?" Very cute

: )


If it was clear that you are talking about the stars ( make by mentioning them before) you could leave them away...

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