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"Mi marido tiene un hermano mayor."

Translation:My husband has an older brother.

June 18, 2018



Hi, Any parricular difference between esposo and marido or are they interchangeable? Thanks!


I know this : Esposo mean 'spouse' and marido mean 'married man' and that only difference between these


I used to work at a nursing home. A lady whose first language is Spanish literally laughed at me when I used the word "marido.". She was from Mexico, and I wonder if marido is used more frequently elsewhere.


I'm wondering the same thing!


I think usage varies by region. When I was in Peru, I found that they just used esposo, whereas in Spain, they use marido. [Or at least the parts I visited] I can't specify any more, sorry!


Esposo means male spouse whereas marido means husband, you are right that they use the former in Peru and the latter in Espana. The one you have to watch is the word for wife. In Spain they say mujer, whereas in Peru you have to say esposa as Mujer mean a mistress or someone you live with.


What is wrong with "elder brother"?


Nothing, but I assume it hasn't been added to the database yet.


Yes, I just noticed that the computer doesn't accept "elder" at this time. Hopefully, Duolingo corrects this.


I played this back 4 times and was convinced it was hermana. I admit I didn’t use the slow audio but the clarity is very poor


I played it back numerous times in turtle speed and I could NOT understand the male speaker saying marido at all.


As a beginner I'm fine knowing one way to say something. I'd rather learn new things rather than a second way to say something.....


Well since this the launguage you chose there are gonna be different ways to say stuff, its best to know what it means than to be clueless when someone from a different place comes and says it to you.


Im confusee about the difference between marido and esposo. Anyone?


Is there any difference between older and big brother? Are both acceptable here?


Big brother could just be a description, i.e. that he is large. Big how you use it is usually accepted as an older brother - you often hear it more in American English, but not exclusively - but this is trying to get the correct translation.


I would report it. They are interchangeable.


Why not esposo


Other answers use the personal A, but this translation does not. Why?


Why is "My husband has an older sibling" wrong?

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