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"Yo fui secretaria en esa oficina."

Translation:I was a secretary in that office.

June 18, 2018



I think 'era' is better in this sentence. Why fui? Perhaps they were a secretary for just one day. We need longer sentences that paint a clearer picture Duo.


"I think 'era' is better in this sentence."

Actually, both era and fui are completely acceptable in this sentence.

"Why fui?"

Because here, we consider the fact of being a secretary as an action. You performed as a secretary in that office.


I just had an "ahah" moment i thought I'd. I too was confused by the presence of 'fui' thinking it is from 'ir'. I had forgotten that it is not only the preterite past of ir, but also ser.


In other words, 'I was' and 'I went' are the same when using this tense.


It seems a bit weird to use a man's voice for the audio when the person speaking says secretaria.


A male voice suggests secretario, is secretaria always a feminine word?


Why not, "Yo fui una secretaria...?"


Usually unless it has an adjective the article is omitted.


When referring to professions the article is omitted, so I assume that the "it" to which you refer is "secretaria."


what determined "a" and not "the"?


I think it's the un/una that gets dropped with professions/occupations, not the definite article. I was the secretary = Fui la secretaria.


The way it was written it could have been a secretary position for a political office, in which case secretary in general without an a would have been accepted


In English a secretary would mean there was more than one secretary in the office. The secretary would be the one and only.


Not all secretaries are female. What would you put for a male secretary?

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