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"Yo fui secretaria en esa oficina."

Translation:I was a secretary in that office.

1 month ago



I think 'era' is better in this sentence. Why fui? Perhaps they were a secretary for just one day. We need longer sentences that paint a clearer picture Duo.

1 month ago

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"I think 'era' is better in this sentence."

Actually, both era and fui are completely acceptable in this sentence.

"Why fui?"

Because here, we consider the fact of being a secretary as an action. You performed as a secretary in that office.

1 month ago


Why not, "Yo fui una secretaria...?"

2 weeks ago


Usually unless it has an adjective the article is omitted.

2 weeks ago


When referring to professions the article is omitted, so I assume that the "it" to which you refer is "secretaria."

5 days ago