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"Who are you buying this horse for?"

Translation:Pro koho kupujete tohohle koně?

June 18, 2018



I wrote: "Pro koho koupíš tohohle koně?", what is wrong. Can someone explain me the difference between "kupovat" and "koupit"? And what is the meaning of "nakupovat"?


Kupovat is imperfective and koupit is perfective.

With perfective verbs the morfologically present form is actually the future tense, so "Pro koho koupíš tohohle koně?" is "Who will you buy this horse for?" (also note the simple tense instead of the continuous one for the perfective verb)


I wrote: "Pro koho tohohle koně kupujete?"

Got told it was wrong.

Correct solution: "Pro koho kupujete tohohle koně?"

As far as I understand both should be correct.


It is not very natural. If you were surprised he is buying him and not e.g. lending then the word order would fit, but then you wouldn't be asking "who for" but "why".

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