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"You remember the names of these birds."

Translation:Jména těchhle ptáků si pamatuješ.

June 18, 2018



Why " si pamatuješ" and not " se pamatuješ" ?


"pamatovat se" requires the "na" preposition and and an object in accusative. Usually it is for remembering some older events, your youth, etc.

"pamatovat si" takes a direct object in accusative.

just "pamatovat" with a direct object means you are old enough to remember something

"pamatovat" + "na" + an object is to keep something in mind, not forget something "zákon na to pamatuje" "the law counts with this"


Pamatuješ si jména těch ptáků is wrong. Why?


Těch is generally translated in the course as "the" or "those." But in this exercise, you need "these" -- in Czech, for example, těchto or těchhle.


Ty si pamatuješ jména těch ptáků - je dobře, tak to doplňte prosím.


From what I could see in the table it seems like the forms with těch are genitive, but I don't get why we should have genitive here. What case is that ? and why ? Also, it would be nice if the words from this lesson were in the "tips" section.


"names OF these", "these birds' names" it is a textbook example of a genitive with a property of something.


I tried both "Ty si pamatuješ ta jména těchhle/těchto ptáků" and "Pamatuješ si ta jména těchhle/těchto ptáků", and both were marked incorrect. Is the problem with my word order, or that I put "ta jména" instead of just "jména"?


That is strange, the ta is extraneous. We specify everything enough with "těchhle ptáků". English requires an article but Czech is determined enough and the extra "ta" is like "those names of these birds".

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