"I'm sorry, I do not speak Portuguese."

Translation:Lo siento, yo no hablo portugués.

5 months ago



no es difícil! :D

5 months ago

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Eu falo hahahah

3 months ago


Isn't 'lo siento' a little over the top! Lo siento for the death of a loved one, maybe the loss of the big game. But "I feel your pain" because I do not speak Portuguese?!? Perdon or disculpe fit far better.

4 months ago


Ha! I see your point, but I guess Lo siento is not always used as seriously as the literal meaning!

I'm not very experienced with Spanish, but I think of perdon more like "pardon me" (for interrupting you while you're busy), and disculpe meaning more like some American slang, "My bad!" - (what an Am. Football kicker says when he hangs his head and pats his chest indicating he blames himself, and it's all his fault, for missing the winning Field Goal).

Disculpe reminds me of the words "culprit" and "culpability," both setting BLAME. (Just my opinion about the nuances.)

2 months ago


I used Disculpe here as well and got it wrong ?

2 months ago
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