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"I'm sorry, I do not speak Portuguese."

Translation:Lo siento, yo no hablo portugués.

June 18, 2018



No hablo and yo no hablo are the same. Why is is it marked wrong?


Please, use the report button. Both are correct.


Why is disculpe wrong in this sentence?


In Mexico we use to say "discúlpeme, no [something]"

Q ¿sabe dónde está el banco?

A discúlpeme, no lo sé.

Some people would even say:

Disculpe, no sé / No sé, disculpe


It's used for asking for a permission, or to attract someone's attention, but not to apologise about something.


Isn't 'lo siento' a little over the top! Lo siento for the death of a loved one, maybe the loss of the big game. But "I feel your pain" because I do not speak Portuguese?!? Perdon or disculpe fit far better.


Ha! I see your point, but I guess Lo siento is not always used as seriously as the literal meaning!

I'm not very experienced with Spanish, but I think of perdon more like "pardon me" (for interrupting you while you're busy), and disculpe meaning more like some American slang, "My bad!" - (what an Am. Football kicker says when he hangs his head and pats his chest indicating he blames himself, and it's all his fault, for missing the winning Field Goal).

Disculpe reminds me of the words "culprit" and "culpability," both setting BLAME. (Just my opinion about the nuances.)



For "pardon me" for interrupting you while you are busy, it would be "disculpe" (used to call someone's attention).

Disculpe is also used to ask for a permission.

When "lo siento" means "I'm sorry" (even for a mild offense), it's used for apologizing.

Perdón is stronger than "lo siento", but used the same way, to apologize about something, to say "sorry".



Yes I thought i remember cowork explainin disculpe as 'pardon me or excuse me . Like if you bumped into someone or even trying to past by someone. I think


Bumping into someone, you would use "lo siento" (I am sorry/ I apologize for this).
Correct: “Perdón” or “Perdona” or “Lo siento“.
Not “Disculpe” in this case.

"Disculpe" is used to attract someone's attention.
Or for asking a permission.



I used Disculpe here as well and got it wrong ?


I think you use Disculpe as 'excuse me, as if you bumped into someone . Lo Siento is 'im sorry . I think someone pls correct me or explain.


Disculpe is to ask a permission, or to call someone's attention.

If you bump into someone, you apologize, si you can say "lo siento", or Perdón/Perdona.


I agree. Disculpe would be a better fit since it is a "mild" offense.


Yes, generally a mild offense.
(However, we could imagine cases where it's a matter of death or life, if the person is sick, and tries to explain their problem.)

But even in Duolingo sentence we have here, "lo siento" is okay, because it can be applied to a mild offense.

Disculpe - you use it to call someone's attention, for example an employee in a store or you can also use "permiso", "Disculpa/permiso, ¿me puede decir dónde están las cámaras?" you also use permiso when you need to pass and there are people in the way.

Perdón/lo siento - This ones are for apologizing, perdón is basically the same thing as lo siento but with a heavier tone. You step on someone's foot you say "ay! perdoneme/perdoname" or "lo siento/ lo siento mucho!".


Disculpe is not only used to attract someone's attention, but also to ask for a permission.

But: Disculpe is not used to apologize, or to say "I'm sorry" (about something).


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@swim_bub it means im sorry not i feel ur pain but it could mean that just not in the particular sentence


You should reply to the other user with the "reply" button". Or your comment is lost in other comments.


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¿Por qué no sirve?


my answer matched the correct answer, so why was it marked wrong?


So, we cannot answer, we don't know what you wrote (and what were your instructions).


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Why disqulpe is wrong?


It's "disculpe". It's used for asking for a permission, or to attract someone's attention, but not to apologise about something.


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