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Since I have to learn German, is there any way to make it fun?

My parents started to make me do German every day, which I don't mind that much. The problem is, I don't have the right mind set goal, and all I want to do is only do Duolingo because I have to. Is there any way to make it fun but still learn?

June 18, 2018



Start with what you already like, and make German a way to have more of it :) Love to read: definitively try short stories in German (bilingual books are super) https://www.smashwords.com/books/search?query=Learn+German+-+German+for+Kids.+Life+of+Basil+-+Das+Leben+von+Basilikum.+Bilingual+Book+in+German+and+English.

Love food? Recipes have a great deal of useful vocabulary, often the same, the texts have to be short and clear, and in the end, you get to taste something delicious.

Videogames? Turn the interface in German and play on! I love some hidden objects games where what you have to find is asked in written form: good vocabulary booster.

As Elius told you, if you like music, German pop is surprinsingly good, ask for some names if you want, or just explore YT.

Viel Spaß, Deutsch ist toll!


You can also switch the language of your various devices to German...


if I may ask which german hidden objects game would you recommend


The German Project...could be another compelling source you might want to check out...


Why are your parents making you learn German?


They think that learning a new language will help me build my vocabulary...


WHY NOT JOIN MY CLUB? The Code is Q2RS8S. You could do some lessons, show them to your parents and say, "See how much German I'm learning?" Hope you join! :)) P.S. I'll write helpful comments, like "Genius!"


Change your mood -- Jump up and cheer any time the little Duo bird pops up and encourages you. Pat yourself on the back when you know you're doing well OR when you're having a hardish time but still sticking to it. Play with the stuff you learn -- talk to your parents in German (whether or not they understand) or your friends, or your pets. Narrate stuff you do in German.

Oh, and find and learn songs in German.


google: Step into German Felix movie Goethe Institute

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