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Since I have to learn German, is there any way to make it fun?

My parents started to make me do German every day, which I don't mind that much. The problem is, I don't have the right mind set goal, and all I want to do is only do Duolingo because I have to. Is there any way to make it fun but still learn?

June 18, 2018



Start with what you already like, and make German a way to have more of it :) Love to read: definitively try short stories in German (bilingual books are super) https://www.smashwords.com/books/search?query=Learn+German+-+German+for+Kids.+Life+of+Basil+-+Das+Leben+von+Basilikum.+Bilingual+Book+in+German+and+English.

Love food? Recipes have a great deal of useful vocabulary, often the same, the texts have to be short and clear, and in the end, you get to taste something delicious.

Videogames? Turn the interface in German and play on! I love some hidden objects games where what you have to find is asked in written form: good vocabulary booster.

As Elius told you, if you like music, German pop is surprinsingly good, ask for some names if you want, or just explore YT.

Viel Spaß, Deutsch ist toll!


You can also switch the language of your various devices to German...


That would be a good. But if I wanted to change it back, I most likely wouldn't know how to! Vielen Dank


if I may ask which german hidden objects game would you recommend


The German Project...could be another compelling source you might want to check out...


Why are your parents making you learn German?


They think that learning a new language will help me build my vocabulary...


They're correct. Learning almost any language will do exactly that. (Conlangs like Klingon and High Valyrian won't help as much.)

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    WHY NOT JOIN MY CLUB? The Code is Q2RS8S. You could do some lessons, show them to your parents and say, "See how much German I'm learning?" Hope you join! :)) P.S. I'll write helpful comments, like "Genius!"


    Change your mood -- Jump up and cheer any time the little Duo bird pops up and encourages you. Pat yourself on the back when you know you're doing well OR when you're having a hardish time but still sticking to it. Play with the stuff you learn -- talk to your parents in German (whether or not they understand) or your friends, or your pets. Narrate stuff you do in German.

    Oh, and find and learn songs in German.


    google: Step into German Felix movie Goethe Institute


    I use what I learn to playfully tease my kids. (bonus, they learn from what I learn as a result) - I make up silly sentences in each language to tease them. The trick is to make it funny, not mean.

    IF (and only if) your family is a playful family that enjoys joking with each other- maybe you can turn your German around on your parents since they're making you learn. ;)

    Naturally don't do this if your parents would consider it disrespectful, or you don't typically tease them, every family's dynamics is different- I'm not responsible for any groundings... :) . I have a jovial relationship with my girls and they tease me back just as hard- but we keep it humourous. Playfully making fun of each other is part of our family routine- doing it in foreign languages is an added bonus.


    That sounds like a good idea! My family is very playful, and I am sure that would work. The only problem is, my dad can also speak German. :p Danke!

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      try the michel thomas german coarse, and make some german friends, or listen to german music!


      Watch German movies and TV shows, listen to German music, download German word game apps for your phone to learn more vocabulary, borrow German children's books from the library, look at German memes online, translate Rammstein lyrics, talk to your pets in German, learn insults and swear words in German and use them on your friends...I mean the possibilities are endless.

      There are a lot of ways to practice and learn that don't really feel like doing work. If you only study, then it will be boring and you probably won't stick with it, especially since it sounds like you aren't really interested in learning the language anyway. But if you mix it up with games and stuff, then it's fun and educational, and then all of a sudden a couple of weeks will go by and you will realize that you suddenly know a lot more German than you expected, and it's a really cool feeling.


      Get rewarded with a trip to Germany? (More seriously, all the other suggestions sound really good, so great discussion you started! But it is actually really rewarding when you find you're able to have a conversation in another language, and maybe you can convince your parents that this would be a great way to practice.)


      try a lil LingQ. they have listening stories. But Duolingo IS JUST THE MOST FUN!!!

      [deactivated user]

        "German Stories" on the Internet have "The Three Little Pigs" and other kids' stuff. I listen to them myself!


        You can also try watching German movies with subtitles


        Assimil lessons are funny. A lot of jokes and funny stories.


        I like to use music to make learning German more fun. Try going to youtube and do a search for "english german lyrics" and then listen to and watch those videos to find songs you like.

        Another thing I do is use games and practice my german there eg I play Throne: Kingdom at War, some of the teams there are German or German/English so I have basic chat in German on the main chat there and plan to join an English/German or just German team there soon. Im sure there are also many other games online in which one could join an German/English team in.


        ... Maybe if you just do it a lot you'll get in the habit of doing it. Maybe then it'll be fun. That's what I did!


        Do you have Netflix? I really love "Dark". I think watching it will make you motivated to learn German. You can put on the German subtitles, because it was written originally in German. I made a Quizlet with the vocabulary I didn't know for the first four episodes. https://quizlet.com/ketetzlaff/folders/dark-netflix

        Also, it sounds like you are in high school, because your parents can make you do things. You could ask your parents to send you to this camp in Minnesota, Concordia Language Villages. The German camp is called "Waldsee". My daughter has gone there many times as both when she was in middle school, and as a high school student and she loves it, and learns so much. You can also go to the family week with your parents. I did this with my daughter too, and it was really fun! We both speak German well and French not as well. We went to family weeks for both languages.



        That would really help. Danke!!


        "J" I think your parents are GREAT. But I do not like hearing you say they are MAKING ME. Learning German is FUN. Go to German restaurants and order in German. It is the little successes that will drive you harder. Learning German is WELL worth it. "REALLY" no lie. Get over it, my parents never took interest in me, They are looking out for you give them a hug, and say I will try harder. PUSH DO IT!


        Um, I didn't realize there was a way to make it boring but I've wanted to learn German for a long time.

        I use Duolingo for foundation and then movies, music, youtube, and trying to understand German comments whenever I see them online to actually learn how the language is used. Those things are probably the most fun for me. I can't wait until I'm fluent enough to take a trip to Germany and immerse myself.

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