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"Tenemos demasiada comida en la nevera."

Translation:We have too much food in the refrigerator.

June 18, 2018



Why is the woman saying TENemos and not teNEmos without putting a stress mark over the first syllable, since stress there deviates from the rule of accenting the next to last syllable when the word ends with a vowel, an 'n' or an 's'? it's no wonder I can't understand her half the time, while I understand the man without any problem. If she doesn't know how to speak Spanish correctly she shouldn't be trying to teach others the language.


I can only listen to the male speaker for this sentence, so I am not able to verify if you are correct or not regarding the female speaker's pronunciation. However, regardless of whether she pronounces it TENemos or not, that would simply be incorrect- there is no Spanish word pronounced TENemos, and therefore, there is no need to write it as "ténemos" (with an accent mark indicating an incorrect stress). So, if she does indeed pronounce it TENemos, it is a mistake- just ignore it, and instead learn it as teNEmos.


We have too much food in the fridge was no accepted. Why would I not be able to use "Fridge" instead of refrigerator?


It was accepted for me.

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