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"Hay muchas tiendas en el primer piso."

Translation:There are a lot of stores on the first floor.

June 18, 2018



I've noticed that they translate muchas by " lot of" but i think in english we use "many" many...times


Duo almost invariably accepts "many."


I've noticed that in the United States, the first floor = the ground floor. The floor above that is called the second floor. In other countries, they usually have a ground floor and the floor above that is called the first floor.


In some other countries. In most of Asia (or at least east and southeast Asia) ground floor = first floor.


Why is it primer and not primero?


Primero and tercero drop their "o" before a masculine noun. It is just something that you have to remember.


So if the noun is feminine you would not drop the "a" in "primera" or "tercera". Correct?


That sounds right to me.


Thank you! Helps a lot.


"There are many stores on the first floor" was incorrect


Marked correct for me.


I just wrote the correct translation and DL marked it as wrong


Thank you for sharing, but it might be more useful to report the error to DL. You can't reach DL writers from these discussions; you have to use the menu provided after each response.


martijn, if you would like help in understanding why DL did not accept your answer, you must tell us what your answer was. We can't see it, otherwise.


It's the same thing with responses such as, "I wrote the same thing as your correct answer, but DL marked me wrong." Chances are, you did NOT write the SAME thing. I often think DL has run amok, but when I look closely I find there was some sort of typo that did indeed make my response incorrect.


So, as a British English speaker, would I translate this as 'ground floor' if I weren't on Duolingo?


I think it depends on the context. I might be wrong, but it seems to me that much, or even most, of the Spanish-speaking world follows the European model. Of course, there are many Spanish speakers in the US, in which case they would probably be referring to what Europeans would call the ground floor. (If they were in Asia - and yes I have heard people speaking Spanish in Asia - and following local customs they would also be referring to the ground floor.)


I'm familiar with floor numbering customs, but I can't remember the Spanish for "ground" floor. And why isn't DL covering it during this chapter?


Planta baja, according to google translate (I know, not always the most reliable). And if, as I mentioned, most of the Spanish-speaking world uses it, it should definitely be taught.


Thanks. Sorry it took me a year to say so.


I keep doing this correct but duo says its wrong


I got marked wrong for using many instead of a lot of even though when you hover over muchas both translations are given....


Do you know how to report your answer to DL? The writers don't read these discussions; you have to report "My answer should be accepted" in the report menu at the prompt itself. (I'm not trying to be snarky; a lot of users don't realize this.)


"Many" is accepted.

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