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  5. "¿Vamos al segundo piso?"

"¿Vamos al segundo piso?"

Translation:Are we going to the second floor?

June 18, 2018



i read in SpanishDict that "primero" and "tercero" lose the "o" before a singular masculine noun. is segundo the exception?


It's more like primero and tercero are the exceptions, since all other ordinal numbers don't lose their '-o'.

  • el primer hijo
  • el segundo hijo
  • el tercer hijo
  • el cuarto hijo
  • el quinto hijo
  • el sexto hijo
  • el séptimo hijo
  • el octavo hijo
  • el noveno hijo
  • el décimo hijo
  • ...


Does Mexico follow the European floor numbering (i.e. the ground floor is not the first floor but effectively floor 0), whereas in the US we call the ground floor the first floor


In Spanish the first floor (primer piso) is the floor above the ground floor (planta baja).


alezzzis, I believe you are in Spain. In my experience, in Mexico and Central America, the ground floor is almost always the primer piso. However, if I use planta baja I am always understood.


@alezzix. Thank you! I was wondering the same thing.


So the answer above is correct in British english but in American it should translate to " Are we going to the third floor" ??


'Piso' could be flat/apartment too. It is conceivable that they are house hunting and have already seen one flat... and are now on their way to the second...


In Spain, a floor/story of a building is called "planta" rather than "piso."


Why can't it be "Do we go to the third floor?"


Segundo is "second". It's more effective to learn the precise words for the numbers than trying to translate the different storey counting between American English and Spanish.


I thought it was 'Let's go to the second floor'.


"Let's [do something]" is odd as a question.

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