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"El autobús tiene dos puertas."

Translation:The bus has two doors.

June 18, 2018



Dan is 100% right. These are normal sentences. And there is way too much focus by some people on 'literal' translation. The whole point is to learn how a SPANISH person would say something. Whether we would say it differently in English or not is often irrelevant.


Well, that’s literally what I’ve been asking: how would a Spanish person say it? Are these as commonly/or more/or less used as ‘hay’ construction? So far the answer’s been ‘it’s ridiculous to ask that’. Well, thank you very much, guys. No further questions


´hay´constructions are generally okay to understand because they match English fairly dependably. If you would use ¨there is (hay) 2 doors in this bus¨ then you use ´hay´but if the focus is on the bus and what it has, you would use ¨the bus HAS (tiene) two doors¨.


Well, in English we say "There are two doors on the bus" as well as "The bus has two doors" so it just depends on what you are trying to say.


I cannot see what Dan originally wrote but if it is a SENTENCE translation then it should be how THAT language correctly says it!

It's a translation!

If a person learning a language constructs a sentence incorrectly it is usually because they are literally translating word for word, so some of the words would be jumbled in the wrong place; but the sentence translated should be how the other language correctly says it. That's the main complaint I see here!

Yes, we are learning Spanish; concerning SENTENCES: how they say it vs how we say it in English should matter.

It would be interesting how they are teaching the reverse - Spanish to English



Man, some of these folks are so hung up on "correct" translation, I wasn't sure if they were here to learn Spanish or English.


How can we let duo lingo know there are so many other sentences than the bus has two doors use LEFT, right, also, take travel street words from this section plus so so many others we have learned


Call them or email them!


use the subject-matter discussions on the website.


puertas vs puertos?


"puertas" ("doors").
"puertos" would be "harbours"/"ports". I don't think there is a bus that has a harbour.


Is there such a thing as un puerto? Instead of una puerta? Gracias por tu ayuda.


I think that "un puerto" is "a port". So yes there is such a thing, but it's not a masculine form of "a door" if that's what you were thinking.


la puerta está abierta, hop in for a city tour!


I had the exact answer, The bus has two doors, and it was graded as incorrect.


Take a screenshot, but are you sure the exercise was to translate from Spanish to English?


I had the exact answer too! Twinners!


If you had the exercise to listen to Spanish and write it down, then you were supposed to write it down in Spanish.


Why would you not say 'tengo dos puertas?


I put "The bus has two doors." And then it said "Wrong, the correct answer is, The bus has two doors." This happen 2 u?


Take a screenshot and include it in your report. Double check Duolingo's instructions to you though, sometimes you are supposed to put it in the other language, but they still show you the translation in case you wanted to know.


The bus has two doors. Why is this marked incorrect?


Double check the instructions. Perhaps you were supposed to put it in Spanish this time?


I literally wrote autobus and its wrong, i am so pissed right now


In Spanish, it is "autobús" and in English it is "bus". Which instructions were you given and what was your complete sentence. Copy and paste your entire sentence here as there may be another error or you can take a screenshot. If there are no other errors, try reporting it as also correct, because it is still in the dictionary.



This must be a very important saying to know since I get it three or four times each lesson. I use it every time I see a bus and my companions always appreciate me pointing out this fact. Most had never noticed the second door.


Sometimes the algorithm messes up and gives the same sentence four or five or six times. I do remember one user having a lesson that consisted of only one sentence presented about a dozen times. It can be maddening.


No good at spelling why can't the do more to help us with stuff like that

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