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Exclusive verb conjugation drills would be awesome!

As an english speaker the spanish verb conjugations are incredibly hard. Your lesons are great but they don't really help specifically with the conjugations be cause they are not focused on.

It would be awesome to be able to drill in the different verb conjugations only for a particular verb. ie. show a picture of a person eating an apple with an empty speech bubble (I eat an apple) with a mutilpe choice of which conj. to use and do it many times with a different conjugation. Then do it with many of the same type (er, ir, ar) of verbs.

That would help a lot! it's the reason I stopped learning spanish recently (until I found duolingo!) because I just couldn't get the conj. really nailed down.



March 26, 2013



I agree, that would be helpful. I am learning French at the moment and have the same problem. I am not that far in yet though.

At the moment I am tackling this via the vocabulary list. You can click on the word you want to practice and then choose "Practice word". The following session will focus on this word.


I would love to see this, they confuse me so much. A lot of what I'm learning in my spanish class right now is all verb conjugation and I would love some drills to help me memorize them!

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