"Una computadora."

Translation:A computer.

8 months ago



Since Spanish is spoken in many countries all around the world, there are three (at least three) words which are translated as Computer

Ordenador is from Spain Computador is used in Chile and Columbia

But the other spanish speaking countries prefer saying computadora. This one seems to be the most beautiful ^_^

7 months ago

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Why would this be downvoted?

7 months ago

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It's also ordenador

8 months ago


I know and I prefer this one because it doesn't sound like "com puta Dora". OMG I said it... I'm so sorry, I never use swer words or slangs and I'm shy to say that. And I'm so sorry if there is someone named Dora here. Please forgive me.

But this course in Duolingo teaches us the Latin American Spanish. If you want to learn the original Spanish of Spain, try with https://www.memrise.com and choose "Spanish of Spain".

6 months ago


In this app it alap shows Computadator which is confusing

7 months ago


Mine makes no sense

2 months ago


getting realy fed up now with my english being marked when i clearly understand the question. i spelt computor like this instead of er. time to call it a day on this course i think.

1 week ago
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