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" bailas mucho con tu novia."

Translation:You dance a lot with your girlfriend.

June 18, 2018



¿Este es un problema?


Sí, tu esposa no está contenta con esto.


Jealous friend


You got a problem with that??


Yes, I'm lonley and I want your girlfriend!


I encounter this word a lot in Spanish songs. Just now I knew what it means


Try "Bailamos" by Enrique Iglesias. One of my personal favorites.


Boy! You better!


Why ¨You dance much with your girlfriend.¨ is wrong?


Much and Many are used in negative sentences and with questions. A lot and a lot of are used in affirmative (positive) sentences.

You dance a lot with... You don't dance much with... Do you dance much...?

I have a lot of french fries. I don't have many french fries. How many french fries do you have?

Much is used with singular uncountable things. Many is used with plural uncountable things.

How much time do you have? I don't have much time. How many hours do you work? I haven't worked many hours.

A lot of is used for both singular and plural uncountable things.

How much time do you have? I have a lot of time. How many hours do you work? I work a lot of hours.

If you are native speaker or REALLY fluent, you can get away with, under limited circumstances, breaking these rules but do it wrong and you will just sound ignorant or foreign.


That simply doesn't sound right. I'm pretty sure there is a reason for it but I don't know the grammar rule off the top of my head.

Though I have heard people say such things.


You don't use "much" unless you are talking about a negative. Like "you don't dance much with your girlfriend" "I don't dance much anymore" "Much of my dancing is more appropriate for a wedding than a ball". "A lot" is more widely correct, you can substitute it for any of the "much" in the previous sentences and more.


Why mucho instead of mucha.


Because 'mucho' is used as an adverb for 'bailo'. In adverbial form it is unchangeable and stays 'mucho'.


como hacer un novia ?


You can dance if you want to


You can leave your friends behind. 'Cause your friends don't dance, and if they don't dance, well they're no friends of mine. I say!


Why isn't the Spanish version "a" tu novia? Why is there no personal "a" here?


I think because "tu novia" is the object of the preposition "con," not the direct object of the sentence.


Why not...... a tu novio


Because there is already a preposition present (i.e. con = with) you would not add another.


Would "You dance with your girlfriend a lot" be correct?


That's so freakin sweet


What is wrong with "You dance much with your girlfriend". It should be accepted


You dance often with your girlfriend.... Why is that wrong?


I think 'a menudo' would be better to use for 'often'. In this case we've simply used 'mucho' which generally means 'a lot' or 'much'. Sure one could argue that these are all synonyms of each other. But there are some contextual differences in usage. I think to reflect that it would be better to keep a distinction between them.

Person Note: I think if one does have a girlfriend one should dance with her often. Just saying.


Is this an instance where is it correct to put the personal "a" infront of "tu novia"?


What's your problem with that, Huh?


I've listened to the normal and the slow many times and it still is very hard to distinguish that it's saying novia instead of novio. :'(

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