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  5. "Queremos dos tés, por favor."

"Queremos dos tés, por favor."

Translation:We want two teas, please.

June 18, 2018



Is it right to say "two teas"? It sounds weird to me! I would say "two cups of tea".


It may be regional. I've heard people say "two coffees" or "two teas" informally when ordering drinks.


You definitely could say a similar phrase in Russian: Два чая, пожалуйста. It would be a perfectly valid way to order tea for two people.


In hindi, we say 'do chai' which is the same as dos tés. In few more languages too, it is kind of the same.


Tea, countable or uncountable?


If you want the simple translation, then it is referring to what we would call "cups of tea" in English (although "two teas" is sometimes used, depending on your region). These are countable.

However, it could also be referring to 2 types of tea, "two teas," which is essentially uncountable. Duo would have put "dos tipos de té" if they were referring to this uncountable version, though.

In general, best not to overthink Duo's sentences, so just go with the simplest translation.


'Dos cafés' doesn't sound odd, or does it? I think the more you say something the more silly it sounds.


Will the waiter bring 4 cups, then? Supposing that there are two customers. - Unnecessary loose expression there. I'd order: "Queremos té, para dos."


If you order this you I would give you one tea in two cups. It sounds a bit like you are sharing. With the English sentence it's clear: We (together) want two teas, not each of them/us.


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