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"Some of you still do not understand this."

Translation:Někteří z vás to stále nechápou.

June 18, 2018



What's the problem with saying "Někteři z vás stále to nechápou" ?


Wrong position of to.


Why is it not "nechápete" rather than nechápou? I thought with "vy" it is conjugated this way


But we have no "vy" here, we have "někteří" as the subject.

Notice that in English you also say "someone/everyone understands" and not "someone/everyone understand". That is not exactly like the "some" here, but you get the verb agreement too, just a different one.

Some(one) understands - některý nechápe. (one person)
Some (of some group) understand - někteří nechápou. (multiple persons)

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Following your reasoning I would expect "(ne)chápe" instead. Why is 3rd person plural?


Někteří is plural. Někteří lidé nechápou.

It is not an adverb of quantity like: Mnoho lidí nechápe.

It is a pronoun and it is in the plural form.

Některý/některá/některé is singular and někteří/některé/některá is plural.

  • Some of you don't understand (not "doesn't"!)
  • Někteří z vás nechápou
  • Someone doesn't understand (singular)
  • Někdo nechápe (singular)


What is the rule about the placement of "to". I put it at the end of the sentence and it was wrong.


Shouldn't "this" be translated as "toto" and "that as "to" ? Thus the english translation should be "Some of you still do not understand that" ?


First note that it is not used as a demonstrative in front of a noun here. "If it were I do not understand this performance." I would use "Já nechápu toto/tohle představení.".

TO is a bit special, or at least different from ten and ta, as it also appears in the "to je" / "je to" constructions where it means either this or that.

I would consider this an exception where we would choose TO when speaking something that corresponds to English THIS. You can, of course, use tohle or even toto, but to is much more likely. Check https://syd.korpus.cz/F7cz43hV.syn


Někteří z vás to stále nechápou. Why stale and not jeste?


Both are possible. Like still and yet.


Can I say furt instead of stále?


Yes, but it is very colloqioal, not to be accepted in language courses.

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