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"El maestro trabaja en una escuela."

Translation:The teacher works in a school.

June 18, 2018



The teacher works in school should be correct too.


Nowadays in Spain (yes, I know it's an American Spanish course, but just if someone wants to know), a school would be un colegio.


At a school? Why not?


It should also be correct, but there may be another error.


No, I have the same problem...


I thought teachers work in restuarants


Why isn't 'The teacher works at a school' acceptable?!


Try reporting it as also correct.


AT school, AT school! I am an ESL teacher, and I was repeated several times when I was a student that it should never be IN THE school because with SCHOOL, you should always use AT.


“At” should also be correct. Did you report it? Be careful with the word “never”. If I wanted to differentiate the gym teacher’s location from the English teacher, then I could say the English teacher works in a classroom and the first works in a gym or outside. Both work at a school. I could say the teacher is in school as opposed to on a field trip. If someone said “in a school”, I would wonder why we were stressing the location or if that were opposed to teaching online.


At school, no? I do remember this phrase, I was taught at school, not in a school, which means inside the school's building, correct me if I'm wrong


The teacher works in a school. El maestro trabaja en una escuela


Keep at it!You can do it brotherman.


In English public (private) schools, the teachers are called "masters". El maestro, also means "Master" in Spanish. Therefore, is it not an acceptable translation to say that, "The master works in a school"?


Here, I thought that was “schoolmaster”, but please report it with this link: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/master


The teachers in my private £20000 school with amit mital's son and the beatles McCartney's grandson does not have masters but teachers and proffesuers


I can see what you have as the correct answer, but i cant see what i type to know my mistake


You should be able to move that window.


Why is, "the teacher is working in a school" incorrect? Is it a different tense?


No, you could try reporting it, but it is as if he usually works elsewhere? Maybe he used to teach online?


Teacher and master should be similar


Please correct, this is a good translation!!!!


Yeah, where else would a teacher work


In English the word master is often used instead of teacher


me not no how too spel


not since COVID 19 they don't


Why isnt " my teacher works at a school" acceptable?


It's the not my teacher


Because that would be "Mi maestro" which is more specific


ok, so it's not just me that can't understand when the "woman" speaks the phrases on here. she's hard to understand at times.


If you listen to the normal speech, you distinctly hear "una" escuela. If you listen to the slow speech, you distinctly hear "ena" escuela. I call this out because this was the very first time I've encountered the slow speech to be less discernible than the regular speech. Please correct.


Una ,on here sounds like Ina ! I am aware that I is close to U on the keyboard , but whoever writes the computer scripts for Duo does not do it well ! Words can merge together ,(probably because gaps are not left in between words ) and can sound wrong and are hard to understand ,especially for someone trying hard to learn . Come on , Duo give us some understandable language. I have managed to struggle through most of part two, to level five , but your mistakes have made it difficult at times. Does anyone even read the reports made by students ? Also it would be nice to be able to backtrack on lessons ,which is impossible once level five on each section has been completed.


Native spanish speakers do not always enunciate correctly and they speak differently in different parts of the Spanish-speaking world, so any minor variations in pronunciation should prepare us for the real world.


this woman they have speaking sounds as if speaking is not all she is doing.


Does anyone know how to turn on the microphone part of this app. I no longer get to practice speaking


Same! Please help us! Well, I never had it in the first place, but I think its really important!


INHO "The teacher works in a school" is incorrect as "school" is an exception in English regarding articles. Should be "The teacher works in school" although it doen't carry much sense as the "teacher" suggests that. "The teacher works in a primary (secondary, high, etc.) school" sounds right


One might say something like "I learned Spanish in school" (without the "a") or "we put on a play at school," but "the teacher works at a school" is perfectly correct.


Yes. Students are at or in school. Teachers work at or in A school. When I was a teacher, if asked where I worked, I would never have said "in/at school." I would have said "in/at a school" though I might have added some more detail --- a school in California."


Maybe you should read that again. It is not even unusual, at least not in the USA.

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