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Ich habe eine Frage

I have not been active on Duolingo for quite awhile, but I want to use it to keep my German fresh at least until I go back to college in the fall (God willing).

It looks like there have been some changes to things while I was gone. My problem is that I had completed most of my German tree, but now when I click on a skill, it says I haven't completed any of the lessons. The skills are still in color all the way down the tree to where I had previously gotten to, indicating that I have completed them, and the champion achievement is at 110/121, but when I click on an individual skill, it says I haven't completed any of the lessons. I think the only lessons it is showing that I have completed are the ones for the bonus skills that you can buy.

Anyway, what I want to know is whether I can practice the skills to get them golden, or do I have to go back through my whole tree and repeat everything?


June 18, 2018



In 2016 or 2017 or Duo added some new skills/lessons to the german tree. You have to learn the lessons of these 11 skills, if you want to achieve again the golden owl... You can see your progress here https://duome.eu/LeviMatthew/progress About the new "crown levels" you can read more in this topic: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/26739837


Welcome to the age of crown levels. You still have (or have not) completed the tree, but they invented five (crown) levels and you may complete all of them if you like. Only the bonus levels have just one level. You will not repeat the lessons, they will grow in difficulty and numbers (at least that's what they say)

You can do all the levels you like, but if you try to make the tree golden again (which will happen after completing the fifth level), try to switch between the skills unless you want to repeat the same skill thirty to fifty times.


if you go on the app, installed on a mobile device, there is a blue workout/practice button shaped like a dumbbell or shake-weight icon that if selected, seems to bring in random stuff from everything thus far completed by you. there are many things the app does not have that exist on a logged-in duolingo html window internet session.... like no hints or tips lightbulbs i can find in app...or ability to choose wordbank/keyboard at will... but app has shake-weight omni inclusive review practice (unless haven't noticed it yet on html) which is nice and comprehensive and random mixed. (and after your workout shoots cool down spray at you and gives you cab-fare...danke shake-weight) southpark reference sorry

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