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"Nos gustan esas camisetas naranjas."

Translation:We like those orange T-shirts.

June 18, 2018



Isn't the color "anaranjado" and the fruit is "naranja"?


Jonathan, anaranjado (for the color) has consistently been accepted in the past. Perhaps report?



The are many different words (and genders) for orange, but naranja is generally accepted for both the colour and the fruit.


naranja (orange or orange color, this is not to be changed with gender of noun). Naranjo (orange tree). what a PIA (sorry about my idioma) ? there are other examples. la parte is part. El parte is notice. el parto is labor (giving birth). I feel it is a little too late to want to quit.


La papa = potato

El Papa = The Pope

La guía = guidebook (also a female guide)

El guía = a (male) guide

La fruta = the fruit you eat

El fruto = metaphorical fruit (fruits of one's labor)

Bienvenido a español.


Correct. Los colores naranja, vino, rosa, violeta are invariable and cannot change to become masculine, feminine, or plural.


That's what I thought (because the second Duo introduced it, I do what I do w/ all new words - look it up & add it to my personal study list) but then the answer here is ""Nos gustan esas camisetas naranjas." -- So they HAVE changed it to plural, and that's confusing to me. Are they wrong? What's different that makes this sentence allow something to become plural?


So what's the bottom line here: do we agree that the prompt is wrong, since it assigns plural gender to naranja? I don't know whether to report this or not.


liz.gc answered this in response to learnerbeginner


She actually did not answer. She repeated that naranja should not be changed to plural, but it is pluralized in the DL answer. Very confusing.


if it is "us" doing the liking, why is this not gustamos?


Because 'gustar' does not really mean 'like'. A more direct translation would be 'Those orange t-shirts are pleasing (gustan) to us (nos).'


I don't know much spanish, but I got that the subject is "camisetas" and not "nosotros". The verb "gustar" a little weird.


gustarse, encantarse, interesarse, llamarse (when asking for someone's name) all work the same


IrisPerez: the subject here is camisetas , not nos.


The correct way is "Nos gustan esas camisetas naranja" the color of the tshirts must write in singular


Adrin, that is my understanding of the "rule" as well. But there seems to be quite a grey area when it comes to practice. A google search for camisetas naranjas returns 27 MILLION results; a search for camisetas naranja returns 30 million, only 10% more.


In Canada, September 30 is Orange Shirt Day



why gustan not gusta?


Because with "verbs like gustar", the subject of the sentence goes AFTER the verb not before it. So the actual subject here is camisetas and the verb gustan must agree in number with the subject.

The pronoun before the verb (nosotros) is actually the indirect object, even though it comes first in the sentence. The verb doesn't need to agree with it.

One way to remember this is to think of gustar as "to please". So the sentence in question becomes "Those orange t-shirts please us." The words are still backwards (per English language rules), but it's easier to figure out what corresponds to what in the sentence.


Me too, especially when the Dutch national team is playing the worldcup! :-)


Why? Don't they wear white like the rest of the tennis players? (j/k)


I'm not talking about tennis but about football


(j/k) = "just kidding" in internet lingo.

I should have been clearer. My bad. Your joke was a good one!


t/a/l (thanks a lot) :-) I'll give you 3 lingots Lol


That is very generous considering I inadvertently "walked" on your joke by poorly wording mine. You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar!


"We like those orange shirts" should be acceptable. There is nothing about "camiseta" that is exclusive to t-shirts.


Camisa:shirt Camiseta:t-shirt


Susan is right. At least per DL, camiseta = "t-shirt".

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