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I have been trying very hard to figure this out but I can't. I have been doing the conjunctions skill and it takes me forever. I have been on one lesson for 3 hours! They are counted wrong due to word order. Can someone send me a template to use? Thanks

June 18, 2018



German word order can be tricky, but stay persistent! I don't exactly have a template I can give you, but I'll walk you through this the best I can! Aber is pretty simple to use as it doesn't really require any word shifting: Es ist kalt aber sonnig (It is cold but it's sunny.) Denn is also pretty simple and is my favorite way to say "because," due to the fact that there is also 0 word shifting involved: Ich esse eine Pizza denn ich habe Hunger (I am eating a pizza because I'm hungry.) Weil on the other hand is the more common one, but requires a sentence structure change. Pay attention to this one, it's important!!! First, separate your "because" sentence into the two clauses it's made of: I am eating a pizza. I am hungry. Now, join the two with your conjunction: weil. Ich esse eine Pizza weil ich habe Hunger. This is still NOT correct... move the verb in your second clause, to the end of the clause. The verb of the second clause is habe. The sentence becomes: Ich esse eine Pizza weil ich Hunger habe. That is the correct way to use weil. All the other conjunctions are pretty simple. Ask me if you have any questions!!! Hope this helped! :)

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xAlpine - I have a friendly suggestion, it would be helpful to all if you made your title question more specific like: Help with Conjunctions, I say this because when you get get answers to your questions you can look them up later in the search bar in the discussions. As it stands now we would have to remember "German Help" was on conjunctions. I think you got some good help here on your question. Good luck.


Here a webpage, that includes examples, to read for help on understanding this topic:


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This is really helpful. I like that it tells you where the verb ends up.

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