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Netflix or Hulu Tv shows/movies in Italian or Turkish?

Does anyone know any tv shows or movies available on Netflix or Hulu that are in Italian or Turkish? Specifically American Netflix and Hulu because sometimes people will suggest one and it won't be available in the U.S.

Thanks in advance! :)

June 18, 2018



There are a ton of Turkish movies/shows available on American Netflix. If you just do a search for "Turkish Movies", (pretty much) everything that comes up is, well, a Turkish movie that has subtitles and dubbing available.


Yes! American Netflix has a ton of choices for both Turkish TV shows & movies. Their TV show offerings have just shy of a thousand episodes per season, so there's plenty of material, but it's a lot of soap operas that I really couldn't watch without eventually yelling JUST USE YOUR WORDS AND SAY WHY YOU'RE SAD/MAD/UPSET/JEALOUS. The movies offer more slapstick choices as well as dramas.


It was actually a Netflix show that got me here. Check out Yok Olan 46 (2016), sort of a dark ...dramedy? Good acting, cliff-hanger style episodes, doesn't take itself too seriously, and I loved the location shots, interesting because it threw me a bit at first as the foliage and climate seemed somewhat European but the architecture has, of course, a variety of East/West influence blends. From there I've been nursing Bezhat Ç from 2011 or so which, while difficult to watch for me from a sociological perspective, has a great cast (some from Yok Olan 46) that make all the characters ultimately endearing. I'm not through it all yet but I will probably be sorry when I've seen them all.

I've started a few others but they all seem quite contrived, like romance novels? Idk, I'll see how far I can get or what else I can find.


how about amazon prime? any tips?

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