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"Ellas abren estos mensajes."

Translation:They are opening these messages.

1 month ago



They are opening???

1 month ago

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I would translate that as: They open these messages.

For some reason, duolingo has started using continuous progressive present tense meanings as an equivalent to simple present tense questions, there's not a huge amount of difference between the actual meaning, but it's causing a lot of confusion to new learners.

Simple present tense:

ellos abren - they open

Continuous progressive present tense:

estan abriendo - they are opening

As you can see, they are opening, is not the same as they open, but duolingo is treating them as the same and I don't agree with it.

1 month ago


The most frustrating part of Duo using first one tense then the other, is that they don't always accept the choice we make?? That's just not right.

1 week ago

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I agree with you titally soicey. It is all becoming very confusing.

1 month ago