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Spanish Everywhere!

Hey ya'll, I just wanted to share something that really helps me to remember Spanish words. First I cut out little squares of colored card-stock (just for the fun colors and patterns) and write a Spanish word on each card. Then I attach the card to an object in the house. For instance, I taped a card labeled "libro" to a book and "jaquete" to a jacket. Now, no matter which way I turn, I always see Spanish!

June 18, 2018



Jacket is "chaqueta". It existed "jaqueta", but it is not longer used. Anyway, it is an excellent method. You also could write in Spanish your list for grocery-shop or your post-it notes.


Thanks for the correction! Another way I use Spanish is setting the language on my phone to Espanol.


I would love to do this as well, thank you, CountryGirl1616.


Absolutamente JasmineAnand!


Great idea! I should try this!


Привіт народ я чужий


Would be great to do something about the Verbs too. :) Maybe some verbs can be associated with those objects, so the cards could have more than one word, such as "llevar un abrigo use cuando llueve" or "usa la llave para abrir tu carro".


The labels trick is really good.

I am using that today, and had done that for about a year by now.

Good for learning every day objects.


Wonderful idea. Gracias. Three lingots of gratitude for you, enjoy!

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