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  5. "We take the bus."

"We take the bus."

Translation:Nosotras tomamos el autobús.

June 18, 2018



Why nosotras vs nosotros


Nosotros = we (males or mixed) Nosotras = we (females)

So only a woman referring to herself and other women would say "nosotras."


why do i need nosotras? The verb could only pertain to one subject. It doesn't seem to mind when I skip "yo"


The only reason could be because it's the feminine gender nosotras, rather than the more generic masculine nosotros. So it's basically telling you the gender of the people who took the bus - all women.

But yes generally you wouldn't need it.


When do you use Nosotros or Nosotras?


Nosotros = masculin Nosotras = feminine so if the "we" you're talking about are all male then use nosotros and obviously if all female use nosotras.. I believe if the gender is mixed or unknown then you'd use nosotros... However I also believe using either is not necessary because the conjugation "tomamos" should be acceptable on its own.


I understand what the difference is between nosotros/as. How are you supposed to know that the "we" here is a group of only females? Just because the pic shows one female? And it was a male narrator?


Hi Emily! As you pointed out, it was a male narrator and was therefore a listening exercise. Duo is trying to get us to actually listen to what is being said. You'll find this happening more as you progress. Hang in there, you'll get better with repetition.


How are we supposed to know that 'we' was feminine plural???


Is tomamos the same as the other "take" in English? For example, "we take all the cookies when we go to a party" or does it refer only to using a bus or a car?


Can you also use "coger" (to catch)?


You can use it when you speak Spanish in Spain.

I an still waiting to hear why my sentence was marked incorrect by Busuu.


Why can't I use the verb coger that I have been taught by my native Spanish teacher from Spain in this example?

I am learning Peninsular/European Spanish from Spain

I understand that these examples in these exercises are just read by me.

I also know that I need to use the verb tomar instead of coger in Mexico or with ladies in real life situations because the verb coger has negative sexual connotations.

The system also does not allow me to use the verb llevar = to wear (clothes) instead of usar and sometimes penalizes me when I choose to use other Spanish words from Spain like billete or ordenador in preference to Spanish from South America.

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