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4 New fairy tales in Spanish [with slow audio!]

Do you need to work on your fairy tale vocabulary?

Do you know the Spanish words for "witch", "troll", "giant", and "Disgusting! I hate farts!"?

Would you know what to say to a Spanish-speaking troll if you met one whilst crossing a bridge?

If the answer is "yes", "no", or "whatever...", then I have something for you!

For the past year and a bit of my life I've been making this:


... with these stories in Spanish:

  • La Cenicienta (Cinderella)
  • Jack y Los Frijoles Mágicos (Jack and the Beanstalk / Magic Beans)
  • Los Tres Chivitos Traviesos (The Three Billy Goats Gruff / Naughty Billy Goats)
  • Hansel y Gretel (Hansel and Gretel, obvs)

I know a lot of you have enjoyed my other stories ( https://www.thespanishexperiment.com/stories ) and these new ones are very similar format:

  • Stories in Spanish with optional English translation.

  • Slightly-slower-than-normal Spanish audio that you can listen to as you read. Ana, my voice artist, is amaaazing, with a clear, neutral Costa Rica accent.

  • (Important) Modern-ish language, rather than antiquated fairytale language. (But we still start with "once upon a time")

  • Cute illustrations drawn painfully slowly by yours truly.

  • Designed with repetition and vocabulary in mind, but without being boring. (My philosophy was that it needed to be like the healthy smoothie... you shouldn't be able to taste the spinach.)

  • They're free to listen to online. (Eventually there will be an option to buy them to download, but I'm still working on that.)

The stories range from about 10 minutes to 18 minutes in audio, so there's a lot to play with. They're designed for adult learners (i.e., not too cutesy or boring) but kids like them too. Especially the part about farts.

They're up and good and I hope you like them. They're also pretty new, so if anyone spots any bugs/issues/errors/typos I'd really appreciate if you let me know.


(FYI There are also French, Italian and English versions up on the same website. So if you or your buddies are learning any of those, I've got you covered!)

¡Diviértanse! - Aletta

June 18, 2018




Thanks for posting this in the discussion tab; this is exactly the right level for my Spanish right now and I'm really enjoying listening to these stories!

Also though just one note about "Jack y los Frijoles Mágicos"...

The Spanish audio skips over one line of the story as it's written out on the web page. At the line "Decidió quedarse y buscar otros tesoros." the audio goes quiet for a second and then plays a music cue leading into "Siguió al gigante a la sala y se escondió debajo del mueble."

A minor note of course, but I thought you might want to know. Thanks again!


Oh goodness, thanks for finding that and pointing it out. I will fix that up today. It might take a few days for the fix to make it out to the wider internet though — my caching gnomes will have the old version stored everywhere.


this is wonderful!!! Thank you for sharing!


Great my grandson is learning spanish and this makes a change, also its stories that most of us can remember and relate to. ¡Gracias!


Thank you so much!


Thank you for Posting! I'm so excited about this! I will get to try it out tommorrow!! Can't wait! thanks again!


This is amazing, and so beautifully well-done. Thank you so much for the time you put into this. Beautiful pictures!!!


I admire what you have done. I am on a similar track, but miles behind you. Thank you for the encouragement.


fantastico, gracis


These look fantastic and they must have taken a lot of work! I'm looking forward to listening to them.


Very nice! Thank you very much for creating this and sharing it. And you are a good artist, I really like your pictures.


I love them! Thank you and keep up the awesome work!


Thank you


Aletta, this is amazing! the quality you produced - the translations/layout, the audio, the pictures!

Did you record the audios yourself? meaning, is that your voice or someone helped you with that? curious to know if that's a native speaker talking or not.

My take on the business side of it, if you plan to produce this regularly, maybe you could offer this as a "micro" service with "micro" transactions - for $1/month, for example, the subscribers/supporters can have access to all of it including the new episodes/stories.


Yay, thanks for the lovely comments! The voice artist is a native speaker from Costa Rica (although she now lives in the U.S. She did my U.S English versions too). Same goes for the other languages — they're all native speakers.

My philosophy with all my websites is that I like to give people something genuinely great for free. So I'd be hesitant to lock everything away behind a paywall — no matter how small! But it is something I'm considering.

At this stage, since it's a brand new baby website, I'm just looking at getting people enjoying it and sharing it. I'll figure the other stuff out later :)


Ok, makes sense. :) Do you have the site(s) for Italian too?

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