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  5. "Yo tengo frío ahora."

"Yo tengo frío ahora."

Translation:I'm cold now.

June 19, 2018



Could someone explain to me how "yo tengo" stands for "I am"?


There are quite a few cases where the English"I am (adjective)" translates to spanish as the equivalent of "I have (noun)". I am afraid→ tengo miedo (I have fear). I am hurting → tengo dolor (I have pain). We even have some like that in English - I have fun, not I am funning.


" Yo tengo frio" is like saying " I am cold". When talking about temperature, instead of using "Yo soy" you use " Yo tengo". When you are describing yourself you use "Yo soy". For example, the sentence " I am very skinny" is describing a trait about yourself. This sentence in Spanish would be translated to "Yo soy muy delgado". When you are talking about possesion of something, you would say "I have this toy". This translated to Soanish would be " Yo tengo este juguete". The only time you use "Yo tengo" when you are not talking about something in your possesion, is when you are talking about your body temperature. Got it? ♡


Well not the ONLY time Susy! That's misleading. Saying your age, tbat you are hungry, fearful, thirsty, sleepy... also use tener.


Don't forget estoy.


For some reason whenever you're describing how hot or cold you are, you use tener.

Don't ask me why!


Could that reason be that it's another language?


Actually German also has a similarity with this. They say Ich habe Hunger for I am hungry....but their sentence literally translates to i have hunger. I think similar concept is being applied here. Yo tengo hambre literally translates to I have hunger. So we can remember like this I guess


Thank you forvthis question. I was wondering the same.


Would it be "Yo tengo fria (with accent on the i) ahora" if the person saying it is a girl?


Just a small question, does "I am cold" or "I am hot" make sense in english? Is this expression used?

Thanks A lot!


Surely 'I'm cold now' would be just as correct as 'I'm now cold'?


is "I am cold right now" not the same thing?


I have used right now for ahora and it was taken as a correct respnse till I got to this one. Im really not sure. It doesnt make sense to me either.


Why cant you say I am cold right now?


im cold who ever says, "im cold NOW"


It's a different language, so things may be stated differently; and there could be situations where you would say this even in English. No, I don't need a sweater, it's nice out. Then the wind starts up, and...


Sounds like 'fria", yet it must be frio


My issue is not related directly to this question but came up with this one. I wish they would not have some cases where when you type the answer it doesn't automatically go into the answer box. This was one time it happened again. Sometimes when you begin to type, in fact, most times, it automatically goes into the answer space. Then seemingly without reason, on others you may start typing and not notice, say you are watching the keyboard, that it's not typing anything in the box. You have to click on the box with your cursor, then type again. Especially annoying when doing a timed practice. All I could notify them (in "Report Problem") was it was "another" problem, not be specific. If anyone has an "in" with the guys in charge, could you please point this out? Thanks.


And how do you say that you have a cold? I mean, sick.


Estoy mal, or estoy enfermo/a. Tengo la gripa is for the flu.


'Click to speak' not working. It immediately marks it wrong.

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