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  5. "These clothes are so pretty!"

"These clothes are so pretty!"

Translation:¡Esta ropa es tan bonita!

June 19, 2018



If you think of "clothes" = "clothing" it's easier to get the translation correct. Clothing is singular, just like ropa.


my "estas ropas son tan bonitas" still looks correct to me. Perhaps there is no such word as "ropas"?


Ropa is one of those annoying Spanish words that looks to be in the singular but it actually translates in the plural, and needs to be treated as singular:

la ropa - the clothes

As such it always needs to be treated as singular.

Esta ropa es... These clothes are...


What if one were comparing two or three SETS of clothes? Same thing?


I hope you're on to something, Ms cheeky :-) I just lost a heart...


But if you click on the word ropas comes up as a translation


que bonita es esta ropa! ...wrong why


"Qué bonita es esta ropa" is now accepted.


Qué ropa tan bonita ??


5/31/20 anyone know why que ropa tan bonita is not correct? Like que gato tan bonito; que camiseta tan bonita; que falda tan bonita; que blusa tan bonita; que bonito jardin - which have all been in previous lessons.


Yes i can't see why this is wrong


My guess is that the sentence says "these" in English, so the Spanish translation should have "esta" somewhere. Duolingo is pretty strict about whether it's el/la versus este/esta, even if it makes little difference in practice.


Soy fluido en Español, pero tengo que decir, estos reglas me olvido siempre. X suerte que hay muchos nativos que siempre me dan una mano cuando necesito pero el feedback que tengo aca me ayudan de motón todavia.


why is this not pluralized


The English plural word clothes is normally translated as the singular word ropa in Spanish. It's just one of those things that we have to accept and remember.


I though clothes should be ropas, because plural


I guess as 'clothe' in English isnt a word as always plural- ropa is clothes, and is always plural similarly ropas isnt a word as not needed


Ropa is almost always singular in Spanish, but is the usual translation of the English plural word clothes. It's just one of those things you have to remember and get used to.


Why not tan bellas?


Why is ropas shown as a suggestion?


Estos ropas son tan bonitos should be the right answer as its plural thes clothes


"Estas ropas", not "estos ropas", since clothes are feminine and you have to match both gender and number with este/esta. Esto should never be used for a specific noun with a known gender. See https://www.spanishdict.com/answers/238735/este-or-esto for more details.


When can you use the plural ropas. It has it as a hint as if its a such thing.


Estas ropas son tan bonitas. Should be accepted according to SpanishDict AND MicrosoftTranslate


Estas ropas son tan bonitas was accepted 2/16/20.


Why not mas bonita but tan bonita ?


There are a lot of comments here that say ropa is inherently plural and so should not be made "more" plural, per the correct solution. However, "Estas ropas son tan bonitas" was accepted for me, and I see a few comments saying translation services on the web agree. Can any native speakers (or at least more knowledgeable people) weigh in on this? Is this correct or not? Or is it situational, and what are the situations it might be used?

[deactivated user]

    I Spanish 'clothes' means 'ropa' in singular. For the plural it is used 'prendas de vestir' or 'piezas de ropa' but 'ropas' is not correct


    SpanishDict says "Estas ropas son tan bonitas". That's what I thought it should be since its speaking of plural clothing and not one piece of clothing , therefore pretty would also be plural right? Hmmm ...


    The threads at SpanishDict all seem to agree that it is ropa (ropa = clothes), not ropas. I did see something about an older use of ropas (in old books), but also that it is not currently used (and may have a different meaning). So ropa is used to mean a single piece of clothing or multiple, and is considered singular for modifiers.


    Why are ClothES singular?


    Same reason fish, sheep, and fruit are. Or clothing, for that matter.


    Doesn't it have to be "Estas ropas son tan bonitas" then?

    [deactivated user]

      ropa is an uncountable noun. It's not correct to say dos ropas, tres ropas...

      In English, clothing is also uncountable, but it is always written in the plural. however, it is never said 'two clothes' or 'three clothes', but 'two pieces of clothes' or 'three pieces of clothes'


      I think a better Englush translation would be " this clothing is so beautiful ".


      Ropas / bonitas for plural, surely?


      The translation drops "are" unecessarily


      So if ropa is always plural wouldn't estas always be correct instead or esta.


      It's not exactly plural, rather it's an uncountable noun. Like water is, for example. You can be talking about a lot of water, but you always say "water is..." not "water are..." Think about it like the word 'clothing' instead of 'clothes' and that might help because clothing is uncountable in English the way that ropa is in Spanish. "This clothing is so pretty" not "these clothing are so pretty."

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