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Request for a Verbes-Conjugais Section

I have this little booklet http://www.amazon.fr/Mini-Bled-Conjugaison-Daniel-Berlion/dp/2011608643 which i would commend you to use this as a model for a template

I'm thinking it would be great if i could go into the verbs section and test myself, how safe I am just making "conjugations" of all the words from that booklet

tick some boxes for which formes and tenses i want to practice (or all)

Indicatif - Present/ Passé composé/Imparfait/Pqp/Passé Simple/Passe anterieur/Futur Simple/Futur antérieur

Subjonctif - Présent/Imp/Passé/Plus que parfait

Conditionnel - Prés/Passé 1re et 2e forme

Impératif - Prés/Passé

Participe - Prés/Passé/Passé composé

i guess the infinitiv is a given...

I could very well see myself "hammering" through those verbs again and again until I am safe! I hope i could make myself clear what I mean, If you can get a hold onto that booklet, you should have no problem understanding what I mean though...!

greetings keep up the good work :)

March 26, 2013


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