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  5. "jIqet 'ej jISup."

"jIqet 'ej jISup."

Translation:I run and I jump.

June 19, 2018



Could also be I run and jump.


Yes; that's also accepted.


In the listening exercise the first word sounds like "jIpet" to my ear. I know this isn't what it is meant to be, but I think this will be especially confusing to newcomers since it is an early lesson.


Heard the same, am newcomer, was confused. I still want to say that I kinda have a gist of how much work it is to record and maintain all of this and I appreciate it.


The audio on this one seems to have a bit of audio noise making it less clear.


This one was me speaking. Sorry about that -- when I listen to it in the incubator, it sounds clear enough to me, but I'm just using my webcam microphone rather than studio equipment.


You did the sound ?


Different contributors have done the audio for different sentences. You may hear a variety of voices in this course. Although, by far, right now, Qov has done more audio than any of the rest of us.


I still hear jIpet 'ej jISup in the male audio on this one.

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