"Are there any supermarkets around here?"

Translation:¿Hay algún supermercado por aquí?

June 19, 2018



I put "Hay algunos supermercados por aqui?" - is it not supposed to be pluralized?

July 23, 2018


I'm not exactly sure, but I've seen other places where when a plural noun is modified using any (algun/alguna) there seems to be a preference for dropping the plural.

March 21, 2019


does this question always have to be singular in the negative?

June 19, 2018


English and Spanish do not differ that much! Plural is plural in both languages!

August 7, 2018


what is wrong with the plural? Why say 'any'?

August 8, 2018


Anything wrong with "Han algunos supermercados por aqui", or is duo just being fussy?

August 17, 2018


I made the same mistake initially but if i look at how this would be sais in french, uou wouldnt use the pkural. I dont know the rule or the why, french is my first language so to me it just is what it is. Im assuming the same standa for Spanish.

August 29, 2018


Why is supermercados wrong

September 12, 2018


Same question - why is plural not accepted? Is there anyone who actually knows the answer for certain? I am like everyone else seems to be here, I would be guessing.

October 4, 2018


I'm hoping we get some answers to the posts above. It seems to me that the meaning changes if you go from plural to singular- slightly but still a change in meaning.

So often I see good questions and no answers. Duo is a great program but one thing they could do to improve is find a way to get some good answers for us on posts.

October 24, 2018


As there are no answers yet re the plural supermercardos I am going to report it - correct or not - maybe someone will pick up on it and answer the question?!

January 9, 2019


Personally, I could use the singular or the plural and be understood just fine.

If there is a subtlety, perhaps the singular could be asking if any even exist at all, whereas the plural asks if there is one (but you know that at least one exists).


January 19, 2019


Could "¿hay algún supermercado cerda de aquí?" work or it that too literal of a translation?

March 7, 2019
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