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Future Tense: Negating and 2 verbs at end


I am working on Future Tense 1 and wondered about the following:

  1. How to negate the Future Tense. For example, " I will not ...".
  2. How to talk about doing two things in the future. For example, " I will eat and sleep after work".

Does any one have examples of these?

Or helpful tips on this tense? Thanks!

June 19, 2018



Using the verb "werden" for the future and its negation it is important to know where you can put "nicht".

Ich werde am Freitag nicht kommen. = I won't come on Friday. In this sentence the emphasis is put on the act. I won't come...

Ich werde nicht am Freitag kommen. = I won't come on Friday. Placing "nicht" in front of "am Freitag" emphasize the fact that you won't come on Friday but maybe on Saturday or any other day.

Heute wird er in der Schule nicht lesen und schreiben, da schulfrei ist. = Today he won't read and write in school since there are no lessons. The emphasis is on the verbs.

Heute wird er nicht in der Schule lesen und schreiben, da schulfrei ist. = same translation as above, but the meaning changed slightly. He won't read and write in school, however he will do it at home or somewhere else.


Very cool thank you.

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"Ich werde nach der Arbeit essen und schlafen." Or do you mean to say "Nach der Arbeit werde ich essen und dann schlafen."?


Both now that you mention it! I didn't think of it the second way. I am glad to see these examples. Thank you.

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Kein Problem.

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