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Help for those with with Mas. Fem Trouble - German

I, like many of you guys learning on Duolingo, have trouble with the masculine feminine thingy. Well, here's how I do it. MOST nouns ending in -e are feminine, and MOST nouns ending in a consonant are masculine.

Ex. die Heuschrecke vs der Graschupfel

Hope that helps!


June 19, 2018



what about neuter


Graschupfel is not a German word, and if it were, it would probably be a neuter noun.

Also, your rule that most German nouns ending on an consonant are masculine, does not apply. Take for example German nouns ending on "ung", "heit" or "keit", they are very likely to be feminine, e.g. die "Beobachtung", (the observation), "die Heiterkeit" (the amusement), "die Freiheit" (the liberty).

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