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"Disculpe, necesitamos la cuenta, por favor."

Translation:Excuse me, we need the check, please.

June 19, 2018



PLEASE get rid of this voice. I can barely understand what she is saying. Plus, she says "la cuento." I knew it was "la cuenta," but that's not what I HEAR, which is what this exercise is asking for. This weird, throaty, female whisper voice does not speak clearly AT ALL and needs to be nixed. I keep reporting this voice for "the audio doesn't sound correct."


Very necessary to know if you will be dining in Latin America!:)


When you ask to translate what we hear, why is there no sound???


That might be due your internet connection, browser settings, or some different issue, most probably on your side of the system. I use the web version and almost always get sound. If not, clicking on the speaker symbol helps.


There are a lot of those. I try to figure it out and even if it makes sense with the words provided, it is counted as wrong if not what Duo wants. Then you can't report that your answer should be accepted too. Being that there was no sound.


I find the sound disappears sometimes. I exit and come back in and usually the sound is restored.


Hi Duo, "check" and "bill" mean the same thing please add this to your translation - In Canada we ask for the bill so when translating "la cuenta" I keep getting this marked wrong. Thanks.


Please use the report function to get translations added. This here is a user forum. The people in charge don't tend to look at it.


Not hearing the ending 'mos'. Endings matter!


You don't translate other languages exactly the same way word for word that you speak in your native language. This is the correct way.


I agree. Pardon me and excuse me are interchangeable in English in this situation. Excuse me should not have been marked wrong.


Half of these have no sound so I have to determine what is being said. If my sentence is correct as I write it, it should be accepted..ie..I wrote...we need to pay the bill. All words to choose from. It also should be accepted


Originally, I wrote (no sound, remember?)..Excuse me, please....before the rest of the sentence. That usage of words is also perfectly acceptable but marked wrong.


Is it wrong to answer as :Excuse me, we need the bill/check, please


It's wrong if you actually put "bill/check" in there. You have to choose one word.


Did not hear the s at all in this and even listened again after i had checked

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