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Repeat the question when getting it wrong before advancing

I often hit next before fully taking in what I did wrong - it's just instinct!

It would probably help me a lot if after being shown what I did wrong, the question then resets and I have to put the correct answer in in order to go to the next question.

Obviously you wouldn't get points and this might not happen during the timed quizzes.

I think it would go a long way towards making things stick and keeping the correct answer strongest in my mind.

March 26, 2013



I think this would be great for learning.


Aha, thanks - I thought I probably wasn't the first to think of it. As regards the discussion about making it an option in that thread.. I'd maybe have a non-default button which is 'skip' which takes you to the next question without having to enter the correct answer first.


I agree. It seem to me that having to put in the right answer would help place the correct answer in the mind.


Maybe use the Support tab to your left and report this subject, I also agree any wrong translations should be corrected before you advance, otherwise you may repeat the test and get the same problem 5 min later.


There are timed quizes? O-o

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