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  5. "Wanafunzi walikuja wakicheza"

"Wanafunzi walikuja wakicheza"

Translation:The Pupils came playing

June 19, 2018



Pupils came playing

"The pupils came & played"? The translation as given has a different meaning in English: they were in the middle of playing as they arrived.


Um, yeah, exactly!? That's what exactly what the Swahili says.

Wanafunzi walikuja wakicheza.
= The students came playing. (simultaneous action)

Wanafunzi walikuja wakacheza.
= The students came and (then) played. (subsequent action)


Sometimes the word "huku" is used to clarify or emphasize the participle. But I think it's correct to say that "huku" tends to be used in longer sentences and carries the meaning of "while" : Mzee alicheka chini chini huku akifikiria jinsi atakavyowadanganya wajinga hao. "The old man chuckled (to himself) while (he was) thinking how he would trick these fools."

That said, there would be nothing wrong that I can see with saying: Wanafunzi walikuja, huku wakicheza

Glosbe.com: Alisema [maneno machache], huku machozi yakimlenga machoni -- He said a few words, while tears were falling from his eyes.*


Nearly everything else in this lesson uses "while" and I think it would be appropriate here: "The pupils came while playing." Also the minor capitalization issue with pupils.


Wanafunzi walikuja kucheza seems to translate over well


Maybe it should say "Wanafunzi walikuwa wakicheza"? (Or "wanacheza"?)

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