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Refreshing browser page in the middle of a lesson shouldn't lose lesson progress

Sometimes in the middle of a lesson, it becomes necessary to refresh the page within the browser on a particular question, maybe due to reasons such as 1) temporary glitch in network connection due to which the page is not loading, 2) Javascript/HTML DOM only partially loaded on first instance, 3) microphone stopped working on a particular question etc. etc..

Currently, any such refresh of the page causes all progress in the lesson to get lost, and the user gets moved back to the first question of the lesson.

This behavior is really painful. The current progress within the lesson should not be lost on page refresh. Kindly fix this.

April 27, 2014



Why the downvotes? Do you guys enjoy losing progress whenever you need to hit "refresh"?


Good suggestion. Five lingots for you.


centime, you sir/madam are very kind. Thank you so much. Here are a few lingots as a token of appreciation for your kindness. :)


I agree, also, there has to be some way to go back to it. When I am on my MacBook, I have a trackpad gesture where swiping my fingers across it goes back a page. Every once in a while it happens mid lesson.

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