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"Yo no quiero dormir en un hotel."

Translation:I do not want to sleep in a hotel.

June 19, 2018



Although 'an hotel' is used by some, 'a hotel' is more common, and follows the rule that if a word begins with a consonant sound, 'h' in this case, 'a' should be used.


For the umpteenth time, 'an hotel' is correct English!


A hotel is not an error. You can use the report button to suggest alternative translations, but don't expect correct uses of the English language to be removed simply because it's not how you'd say it.


Have to agree with the other posts here, I wrote 'an hotel', generally considered correct in the UK as the H is almost silent, and was told I had made a typo. I assume this relates to the app being written for US English, not UK. An hotel should be marked correct with no typo.


Agreed Claire, an hotel is correct English and should be accepted


I check the incubator and an hotel is there. Here are the top two sentences:

I do not want to sleep at a hotel.

I do not want to sleep at an hotel.

You likely had another error and it tried to match your wrong answer against the preferred answer, giving the typo message.


Someone conjugate "to sleep"


I think that there could be"I wouldn't like to sleep in a hotel.


No, I would like is quisiera or me gustaría.


I don't want to sleep at the hotel should be acceptable


No, it says a hotel, not the hotel.

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